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Why Sports Nutrition Is Important To Achieve Goals?

Sports nutrition is the “cornerstone of the athlete’s diet.” Athletes require a well-designed diet as inadequate caloric intake can impede athletic training and performance. Just like a car needs the right fuel to perform, to be able to perform at their best and achieve their athletic goals, athletes need the best sports nutrition plan. The right caloric intake results in more strength, better recovery, greater endurance, and improved sporting performance.

According to best sports nutritionist right carbs intake is required to enhance endurance level, whereas for strength protein is essential. Right nutrition postpones fatigue and enhances energy levels during exercise and all day long. It minimizes soreness & inflammation and promotes faster recovery. It also boosts immunity and reduces the risk of injury occurrence thereby help prolong the athletic career.

Having a structured nutrition strategy for competitions with in-depth detailing into what, when & how much to eat and what hydration level to be maintained; will provide a competitive edge over other rivals.

How the Best Sports Nutritionist helped some of the Sports elite to achieve their goal:

Olympic medalist Sushil Kumar being strictly vegetarian followed a scientifically designed customized diet plan for faster recoveries between bouts. During IPL 2014, the year when Robin Uthappa earned the orange cap, one key secret that worked on his sports nutrition was calmness of the mind. One should work on the glucose levels in his sports drink. When Manish Rawat, the 50 km Olympic Walker, started preparing for the Rio Olympics six months in advance, he built hydration strategies that allowed him to push his body faster than before. Sportsperson should focus on hyper hydration, wherein he might gulped down at least 750ml of customized sports drink 30 minutes prior to the start. Dinaz, who holds Guinness world record for 26-hour nonstop aerobics worked on both muscles and brain. One should incorporate foods in her diet that do better vasodilation & blood thinning, increase her lungs capacity.

The best sports nutrition plan will be the one which is unique to each person and is prepared according to individual goals which cater to specific requirements. A sports nutrition diet may vary day to day, depending on specific energy demands and performance goals.

All want to be the CHAMPIONS and to achieve this goal one buy best types of equipment, invest in top training gears and gain access to best facilities but they always tend to forget about the most BASIC element in our endeavor to achieve our goal: NUTRITION.

As per best sports nutritionist in Mumbai You cannot have a bad Gut and still can conquer the world. Tennis ace Novak Djokovic is the prime example of this. He regularly suffered mid-match collapses, until he figured out that he was gluten sensitive and wrong choice of foods were causing him physical and mental issues. Gluten-free diets helped him feel lighter, energetic and to win a Wimbledon. Indian cricketer Virat Kohli turned vegan in order to enhance his fitness & performance.

Remember, to be a CHAMPION, one need to first EAT like a CHAMPION.