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Are Kids Safe Online?

The Internet is a confusing and dangerous place. It creates evil temptations and presents the false perception of reality.

Kids are immature and unwittingly expose confidential details on the internet. Kids are an easy target for online offenders. There have been numerous cases of online threats and cyber attack on children. 

It is not only essential to create cyber security awareness amongst kids but the only option we have to secure kids from getting into unwanted trouble. Should parents invest in Parental Control Apps? 

Before we dive into the benefits of parental control apps, let's get acquainted with the significant risk’s kids face online.

  Common dangers kids face online

1.    Online Scams

Kids are naïve and easily get carried away by online schemes. You may often come across posts for free online games, freearmors, free lifelines, etc. in the gaming world. Children do not recognize the dangers lurking in these online scams and click doubtful links in anticipation of free goodies.

Teach kids when to say no and when to say yes. If a post looks too good to be true, it is undoubtedly a fraud. Remember, nothing comes for free, not even air!

2.    Cyberbullying

Social media and online games are the kids’ new playground. Kids are addicted to the platform without realizing the grievous consequences of virtual networking.

Often kids are harassed on social media forums by known schoolmates or friends using a fake identity. In multiplayer games, strangers bombard derogatory comments in the chat room which can take a toll on your kids’ mental status.

Best way to prevent cyber attack is by tracking your kids’ online activities through Parental control apps like Bit Guardian. These apps give a day to day picture of the kids’ call logs, apps, website, social media content, etc.

More importantly, make your kids feel comfortable talking to you. In case of trouble, they should be able to come up to you for help.

3.    Internet Predators

The Internet can be dark and shadowy at times. Apart from frightening online threats, there are many online abusers and traffickers.

Sexual online predators stalk kids online and exploit their innocence. Kids are lured into doing things without any knowledge.
It is important to encourage kids;
-    To communicate with known individuals
-    To speak to parents if feeling harassed
-    Not to share any details or private content online.

4.    Phishing

Phishing is a smart way to trap people on clicking malicious links via emails. Same way if malicious messages are sent, coined as smashing. Cybercriminals target sites famous with kids and collect information like emails.

Kids open such links without knowing what is behind them. There have been several cases of hacking, virus, data theft, etc.

Teach your kids to ignore emails and messages from strangers. In case of doubt, they should approach parents for guidance.

5.    Adult Content

The Internet offers too much content for kids. Kids intentionally search for such substances or accidentally come across these websites.

There is no filter for kids to view restricted content. The Internet is flooding with sexual and adult materials. Kids are gullible, get influenced quickly.

Although many schools and colleges ban offensive content through firewalls yet kids find other means to view such content.

Parents are advised to keep a close watch on their kid’s online activities and ban all inappropriate websites and apps. Have you used the app block feature of Bit Guardian Parental control app yet?

6.    Social Media Platform

Social media is the third eye of each individual. If you are in Australia, you know what your cousins are up to in the USA.  Networking sites have made life easier by connecting people and introducing more opportunities without a lot of hard work.

The problem occurs when you can’t track your kids’ friends online. Many adults misuse online chat rooms to misguide kids on wrong habits.

Let us tell you the primary reasons why social media networking sites can cause trouble for your kids:
-    Social media displays the false or filtered version of the real world
-    A lot of social media posts are very misguiding (kids follow these posts only to get in trouble)
-    Networking sites allow strangers to reach out to kids impersonating as a friend or someone from the same age group.
-    Kids end up uploading private details (data is never deleted!)
Parents need to advise kids on privacy settings and best practices of being good online citizens. Kids should approach their parents if a social friend is making them feel uncomfortable.

Talking is the key to prevent cybercrimes!

Parental Control for Android and iOS users

Earlier supervising and talking to kids used to be the technique to understand what is cooking in their digital world. Things have changed drastically!   

Kids might lie about the real situation and not even let parents access their personal space. So, how do you monitor your kids?

Bit Guardian Parental Control app has come out with practical methods to track your kid’s online activities. Right from call logs to website browsing, you have all the information you can think. 

So, what are you waiting for, save your kids from cyber attacks using the best parental control app?