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We have authority to remove link from the article, if you don't follow our guidelines.

All links are available in the content maximum 1 years not more than this. So you have to read all details carefully before publishing the content on the website.

There is 3 way for publishing the content on the website that are below here -

1. Free Post
2. Exchange Post
3. Paid Post

1. Free Post -

When you are doing free article post then there is no guarantee of the link that the link will live for 1 years. In free, One link is acceptable with nofollow link.

2. Exchange Post - 

If we are publishing content in exchange then link will live on the website till Exchange post is live. In exchange, Link can be dofollow and nofollow. Its depend on getting exchange link.

3. Paid Post - 

If we are doing paid post then link can be live more than 1 years. Link would be dofollow. We will provide link in whole article except 1st and 2nd paragraph.