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Know How to Spend Your Vacation in Baltimore USA

Going to out on family vacations can sometimes be overwhelming by the per-scheduled sightseeing, traveling and if you are along with kids, all the best! Are you up with any plans of traveling to Baltimore in USA any time soon? If that look is a yes, here’s a lot of useful information for you. We often think what could be the best way to spend a vacation, especially when out with family. Read on to know how to spend your vacation in Baltimore, USA. Once you have covered all these list of places in the city, you can say it was a vacation well spent.

Port Discovery

If there was an option of harnessing the energy expended by the young visitors of the Inner Harbor Museum, the place can run on no electricity bill in a month. Yes, it is that large – spend a few hours exploring the exhibits of the 3-storey museum and even you will be ready to take a nap on your way back to the hotel room. No matter how tiring the experience could be but the kids will get to learn and understand a lot of things mostly disguised as play.

National Aquarium in Baltimore

Although not designed particularly for kids, the aquatic home of native Maryland species attracts kids of almost all age groups. The young ones get fascinated by the swishing of the aquatic creatures in the beautiful lit tanks. The older children and adults allure the perfect recreations of their natural habitats. This famous aquarium in Baltimore doesn’t allow the entry with strollers. You need to exchange it with a carrier at the entrance.

Maryland Science Center

It is an Inner Harbor attraction showcasing great exhibits and allows kids to play a musical tune by ear, reconstruct a dinosaur or bring a pulley into use to reach a certain height. All of these are brilliant learning by practical teachings. There is a Davis Planetarium telecasting an amazing star show. You can also see your kids enjoying the IMAX’s 3-D effects and not just kids even adults turn out to have wobbly knees at the sight. There is a hell lot to learn that we are not sure how much your kid will remember but surely bit will be a fun time for them.

The Maryland Zoo 

One of the most exciting things to do in Baltimore is exploring the age-old charm of the Maryland Zoo dating back to the 19th century. The renovation program of 21st century has helped preserve its beauty and conserved wildlife. Among the thick green forest area, you can catch sight of elephants, chimpanzees, giraffes, cheetahs, lions and some more. A stroll through the Maryland Wilderness and Children’s Zoo will let you have a closer view of the wild animals.

Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum

Another perfect place to spend your day in Baltimore is the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum. Your kids will go amused by the train models – be it the working steam engine or a simple model train layout. Any kind of trains that runs on tracks attracts kids. Wait. This place is not limited to kids fun but adults who get fascinated by historic locomotives and are quite a train buff will love witnessing and knowing about the unique engines.

Baltimore Museum of Industry

The Baltimore Museum of Industry, located on the west of Inner Harbor, is a huge complex exhibiting the exact re-creation of a Baltimore neighborhood dating back to the early 20th century. As the name suggests, the museum represents different commercial industries with people pretending to be a pharmacists, grocers, tailors, bankers and bakers. You will find ample space for parking and trust us; it is a great place to go for picnic in the city.

Sandy Point State Park

How can we forget Sandy Point State Park while listing the most popular tours and attractions of Baltimore?It is a massive and beautiful park spread over an area of 786 acres giving us a spectacular view of a pristine beach in the vicinity. You will enjoy the recreational activities offered to the tourists at the park such as crabbing, boating, swimming, fishing and windsurfing.

Six Flags America

When in Baltimore, spending a day at this MD Amusement, Largo and water park will be so much fun. Finally here’s a place on the list with minimum educational content and hell lot of fun for both kids and adults.Situated 40 minutes to the South-west of Baltimore, Six Flags remain open from April to October. However the Hurricane Harbor Water Park in Six Flags America is only open for tourists and locals during summers. Enjoy the hundreds of rides, shows and attractions with your complete family and cherish the memory for long. Plan a trip to USA by booking cheap flights with Indian Eagle  travel agency and explore these beautiful vacations in Baltimore.