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10 Top Productivity Tools for Bloggers

Blogging nowadays is becoming as popular among people as it is one of the easiest way as well as the easiest marketing strategy for businesses. Everyone wants to become a blogger and want to have fame and money as well. However, without having proper knowledge no one can become a pro-blogger.

Before getting into any field, or to start something new a proper knowledge is necessary, it is the case with blogging. To start blogging there are some tips as well as some tools that help a person to become a blogger easily. Without knowing the basics of these tools, it is impossible to become a blogger.

Following these steps, make it easy even for that person who does not have knowledge about blogging. Blogging is the fastest growing communicating tool. Therefore, this article will describe some basic tips and the tools that are necessary for blogging.

Some of the top productive tools for bloggers to start blogging are as follows:

1- FindFocus Tool

The number one tool that increases the productivity is the FindFocus self-control app. FindFocus is the best tool that helps you getting things done without wasting time anymore. This tool blocks websites and apps on mac and windows that offer distraction and allows a complete focus on what you are doing.

FindFocus makes your life simply easy and make it more productive within less time. The key features of this tool are Delay Discounting, Focus Questions, Scheduler and Pomodoro Sequence.

Moreover, Delay Discounting is on top priority that offers to understand life hacks based on behavioral sciences. This tool temporarily blocks the distracting sites like, Facebook, YouTube and others. This tool actually makes those sites or apps narrow for temporary time and maintain a distance between your work and those sites. Therefore, you can work with more concentration and in result enhance the productivity.

2- WordPress

The second tool that really helps the beginners to start their blog and to have a complete understanding of blogging and of course free of cost is WordPress. WordPress is a writing platform that helps running a logging website easily and smoothly. It offers various sub-tools that help a blogger to enhance the blogs.

3- Buffer App

Next comes the buffer app tool that is actually a social media automated tool. This tool allows sharing messages, posts and short articles easily on social media platforms including, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. As blogging through these social media platforms is becoming so viral these days and with the help of buffer app, you can easily share your content.

4- ZenWriter Tool

The other tool that is especially suitable for those who easily got distracted. ZenWriter designed for Personal computer and laptop users. This helps to lower the notification popping up on screen and focus only on writing. It prevents random distraction that interrupts the work. Moreover, this tool is costly it not free to use. You have to pay it to use this app.

5- Toggl tool

One of the best and productive tools for those who actually have no idea about the amount of time they are spending on their every task. Toggl allows a user to have a complete check on time and at the end of every task know exactly how much time you have spent. Keeping an eye on the time, and to consume it in an appropriate way is very important to become a successful blogger.

Being a blogger you should be more productive and consume your time wisely so that you can give equal time to your every post without wasting your precious time.

6- Grammarly

Grammarly one of the best online tool that helps in proofreading the content. While writing proofreading and eliminating all the errors s so much important. No one will spend time reading that content that is full of errors whether it would be grammatical or writing errors.
Grammarly is the only tool that helps a blog writer to correct those errors immediately without having any kind of trouble.

7- Canva, the best online photo editing tool

While writing you also need to concentrate on the visual display and representation. As your content will get 80 % chances to get visible to more audience if you focus on visuals. Canva is the best platform for this purpose. Comparing to other photo editing tools Canva also provides various facilities to its users.

It has almost every basic feature that a photo-editing tool must have. Moreover, it free of cost and can easily operate by anyone. You simply need to sign up for it and it is ready to use.

8- The Paper Rater Tool

One of the easily useable tools is the paper rater tool that allows its users to set the level of comprehension. Levels here mean that people of different age groups can easily understand it. From 10 years, old child to a Ph.D. scholar can easily read and understand what are the writer wants to convey.

Moreover, it is free to use and can help in checking and removing any kind of error. Therefore, it is highly in use these days.

9- Flip Board

Flipboard is the most beautiful and attractive tool for blogging. It is a type of personal magazine, which allows its users to share their content in the most attractive way. It allows social streaming in the form of blogs that attract a huge amount of audience towards it.

10- The Convert case tool

Last but not least the convert case tool that allows a blogger to manipulate and modify a file in such an attractive and simple way that t attract more audience in a short time. This is one of the easiest tools to use that gives the best outcome.


Blogging is one of the best strategies to market an e-commerce store or to run an online business. Therefore, it is becoming more popular in people. To become a blogger there is a need to follow some basic steps and make use of some tools that really help in productive blogging. Working with the tools described in the article make it easy for a blogger to do blogging in a productive way.