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Top 7 Study Abroad Destinations

Aiming high? Aspiring to polish your skills? Finding the need to fill in the knowledge gap? Wondering how to do this? You probably are looking for higher education. Our article today will help address your confusion to a certain extent. All set?
Once you have decided on pursuing higher education, the question arises, where? The location is of utmost importance. Program cost, program structure, course content and pedagogy, job prospects, and safety are all the crucial factors that one needs to take into consideration before deciding on where one wants to study. But don’t be baffled; let’s take a look at a few study abroad destinations that are popular amongst students.

The United States of America

The United States of America is the most prominent junction for students aspiring for higher studies. A huge number of students choose the United States of America due to the umpteen opportunities that the country presents. Top-ranked universities, big companies, a diverse peer group, eminent faculty, Silicon Valley etc. are all the factors that attract students. The multicultural environment that the country offers is another big catch. Most universities require 16 years of education if you are opting for a Masters program. One also needs to submit test scores like GMAT/GRE for Masters Programs and SAT for undergraduate programs. TOEFL which is an English Proficiency Test is also a mandatory requirement. The education system is extremely flexible; a good choice of majors/minors and electives ensures the program is tailor-made to the student.

The United Kingdom


 The United Kingdom is known to have the oldest universities which are ranked very highly. The UK is divided into Scotland, Northern Ireland, England, and Wales. Most Masters Programs are of one-year duration and that is what makes it more lucrative. The students get an opportunity to complete their studies and resume the workforce early on.  Students are allowed to work 20 hours per week during semesters and full-time during breaks. It provides a stay back option of four-month post completion of your studies to look for a job. IELTS is acceptable as an English Proficiency Test in addition to GMAT/GRE.


Canada is emerging as a favourite destination for most students. Its immigration possibilities attract students majorly.  A Post Study work permit of one-year is approved to students who study in Canada for a year. Whereas a three-year Post Study work permit is approved to students who study for two-years in Canada. Coming to programs offered, in addition to undergraduate, and Masters programs, Post Graduate Diplomas are also very popular. The education system is divided into two: Colleges and Universities. PG Diplomas are mostly offered by Colleges and very limitedly by Universities. Colleges accept 15 years of education while Universities require 16 years much like the United States of America. IELTS/TOEFL as an English Proficiency Test and GMAT/GRE/SAT are the requirements that need to be fulfilled while applying to institutions in Canada.  An opportunity to work for 20 hours every week while studying and fulltime during summer/winter breaks is a feather in the cap.


 Australia has to its credit some of the finest universities; some of which also appear in the top 100 universities. World –class and comparatively affordable education, post-study work opportunities and a high standard of living make Australia a popular place for students. Universities in Australia have two intakes; one in February and the other in July. The three-tiered education system encompasses primary, secondary and tertiary levels of education. According to the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF), a Bachelors degree falls under Level 7 while a Master degree falls under Level 9.


 As much as it sounds quite strange to believe, Norway has now become of the top 7 study destinations across the world. Now more and more people have started applying to Norwegian universities for numerous reasons. Some of the public universities of the country are now among the top 150 universities in the world. These are known for numerous factors. Some of which are world-class faculty, great learning experience, experiential learning activities, programs and more. What is even better is that these universities offer programs that do not burn a hole in the pocket. Moreover, the cost of living isn’t too much to add to the big fat budget. Majority of programs are taught in English and the population consists of English speaking people.


 Let us get this straight. Germany is a popular study destination and of course, doesn’t come under one of the very expensive places to study.  The country which is also known as the land of Ideas has produced many scholars and great leaders. All credits to its absolutely amazing study culture that focuses on the overall development of the child. Many schools, colleges and universities also do not charge a tuition fee from its students because of the government policy. The government of Germany believes that education should be easily and freely available to a student which aids the development of the country.  Numerous undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs are among the best programs of the world. Along with this, many universities fall under the best universities in the world.

New Zealand

When it comes to student safety New Zealand it is! Yes, it ranks second on the Global Peace Index 2018. Global recognition, research-driven pedagogy, multicultural environment are great motivations for students. An opportunity to work for 20-hours per week while studying and fulltime during vacations is the highlight of studying in New Zealand.

The information above will certainly guide you in the right direction and aid you in decision-making. However, be cautious; applying without proper guidance could be tedious. Missing even the smallest document or formality could jeopardize your application. So if there is a slightest confusion do not hesitate to contact experts at Leverage Edu. Any country, any program, and career guidance, the professionals at Leverage Edu are always willing to help. So why wait, begin a new journey towards a brighter future. We wish you the very best for all your future endeavours. Also, stay tuned for more such updates!