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Why Do Hackers Use Bitcoin Instead of Something Else

Bitcoin is a digital currency, which can easily be transferred from one user to another. Due to its high efficiency and completely secured behavior, people make use of it on large scale.As the transfer process is so simple and faster as well as the information and location about the user remains a mystery.

Security also matters, each transaction has various verification steps,therefore, the majority of the people highly recommend it. As Bitcoin,the transfer does not involve any type of bank transfer, which is another plus point for it. Whether bitcoin does not involve any central person like a bank, moreover the buyer and seller remain anonymous.

Due to all these plus points and great efficiency,hackers are now using it for illegal purposes.This is the age of technology and everything can easily perform using computer technologies. When it comes to commuter technology, the first thing that comes in mind is cybercrime.

The hackers of cybersecurity break into machines and use it in an un-legal way. The hackers then demand ransom in bitcoins. This is spreading widely these days, which is creating many major problems for the industry. If serious actions must not take this will completely exploit the technological industry. Moreover, visit https://www.betbit.com for more understanding.

Why Hackers highly prefer Bitcoin?

Breaking the rules and securities, the hackers demand a high amount of bitcoins from the owners. The hackers make use of bitcoin instead of any other currency due to several reasons. On the top is that being a digital currency and having the ability of being easily transfer the hacker highly prefer it.

The second reason that makes its use more prominent is the anonymity of the bitcoin. As the sender and the receiver, completely remain anonymous and do not make use of real identities, therefore, the hackers make use of it. In addition, the transactions cannot even track the location of the users.

No doubt, that the transactions are fully verified and highly secured, the only negative point in this situation is that it cannot track the location of the user. This also benefits a hacker in a complete way.

Not every hacker is Un-Ethical

There is a strong image portrayed in each one of us minds, that hackers are always baddies. Their job is to break the rules and do unethical tasks. However, this is wrong to some extent, as not all hackers meant to do illegal tasks.

So many companies actually hire a hacker for their company. Here a hacker’s job is to break into a machine or security for a good cause. These hackers do hacking with proper permissionand known as Ethical hackers. They help a company to keep its data and other personal stuff secured.

Due to this discrepancy hackers splits up into two categories, the black hat hacker who always perform an illegal task and white hat hackers, who got hired for good cause. Then when it comes to payment and charges the hackers prefer bitcoin. So, that there are fewer chances to exploit their carrier.

How hackers can steal cryptocurrency?

So many hackers still present can steal your cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) using several tricks you might even not think about them.  Some most common tricks that a hacker can use to hack your bitcoin are as follows:

1. Through copying address from Bitcoin Wallet

Sometimes to make it more continent and smooth you simply prefer copying an address on which you want to send bitcoins. While copying that address from your customer and pasting it in your wallet might sometimes lead to a great loss.

There are chances that the person from whom you are copying the URL might be a hacker and while pasting that URL in your wallet can get all your bitcoins. This is the most common trick that a hacker uses to hack the bitcoins.

2. Through Browsing Extensions

Some other pro-hackers use this trick to hack a bitcoin. Some browsing websites might claim that it will improve the working and performance of your site hence you simply want to try it. While you open that link or follow that browsing extension, it took minutes or even seconds to hack all of your cryptocurrency.

3. A fake account on social media

Another probably known trick for hacking is the use of the fake social account. Most social accounts designed simply for this purpose. What they usually claim is follow this link and get more followers, improve engagements and similar stuff like this. When a user clicks on that URL to have a look at it and try it, then the entire amount simply hacked in less time.

4. Email Phishing

Very often you this happens that you receive an email from a well-known company or from a company that you might know or work for that one. They use exact same template and format as the original one and claims to be real. When you open the link, they sent your amount simply transferred to them.

How to prevent your Bitcoin from hackers?

Prevention is always better especially when it comes to an online business or service. Some tips can actually help you prevent your cryptocurrency and crypto wallet from hackers. These tips are as follows:

-    Verify every URL or link address, which you go through, using QR code.
-    Do not click blindly to any URL.
-    Do not install any type of app or software until you are completely sure about it.
-    Avoid downloading every browsing extension without knowing the complete history.
-    Be careful while following any URL.


The use of bitcoin (cryptocurrency) is becoming very common nowadays due to its great security and un-trackable behavior.Although, the hackers prefer exchanging money in the form of bitcoin due to this anonymity. Therefore, hackers after breaking into the securities demand ransom in the form of bitcoin because they do not want to open up their identity and exploit their carrier.