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Best Wraps to Order Online for A Sumptuous Lunch

Given below is a list of the best wraps that you can order online today! Instead of gloating over the cold tiffin your ‘tiffin service’ packed for you; enjoy a treat. Wraps are a delicious combination of veggies and meat that send a blast of flavors in our mouths. Oozing with the delectable aroma of spices and a choicest combination of ingredients they are tummy-filling as well. 

1 – Masala Paneer Tikka Wrap:

Believe us, this is the best association between the Panner and Roti. Filled with delicious Paneer concoction loaded with spices and offering a certain degree of hotness – Yummy! Enjoy it hot with mint chutney or tomato ketchup as per your wish. With finely chopped onion slices, this is an excellent meal option for the vegetarians.

2 – Masala Chicken Tikka Wrap:

For the non-vegetarians that love tikka, there is an equally wonderful replacement of Paneer Tikka. Chicken Tikka wrap is also full of deliciousness and goodness. The chicken tikka comes with a lingering taste of smoky flavors. This wrap is hot, sweet and savory at the same time. However, the preparation might vary from place to place.

3 – Double Cheese Meatball Wrap:

For all the ‘meatball sub’ references from Joey in F.R.I.E.N.D.S, this is the best answer! The Double Cheese Meatball Wrap is full of the creamy cheese and delicious meatballs. And you know what makes them so special? The little fact that the meatballs are filled hot gooey cheese that simply melts in the mouth. For the cheese lovers, it is no longer necessary to have a cheeseburst pizza. This wrap is more than enough.

4 – Egg Cheese Sausage Wrap:

Things can just not get better than this. This wrap has everything – omelet; sausages and lots of cheese. For the people that love fusion foods, this is the best Desi version of a typical English breakfast. You can enjoy this wrap at any time of the day. Pair it with some handmade tomato and garlic dip and the taste will amplify.

5 – Cheese Melt Paneer Wrap:

There is Paneer stuffing, and then there is paneer stuffing with cheese and you know the difference! This wrap is full of delectable flavors that blend perfectly with the melting texture of cheese. Filled with slightly saut├ęd paneer cubes drenched in gooey cheese; it is really tasty.

6 – Cheesy Potato Wrap:

This wrap comes with a stuffing of mashed potatoes seasoned in the delicious spicy concoction. Wrapped in a soft, yet, crispy roti, this wrap is one of the best ‘chhoti-bhook’ solutions. It has all the delicious veggies such as peas, tomatoes, and onions. You can enjoy it with tea as well as cold drinks.

7 – Chatpate Chhole Wrap:

This a wonderful combination of Punjabi flavors served via the chickpea filling. This tangy wrap will surely satiate your taste buds. It has a tangy and spicy taste that will linger on with a pleasant aftertaste.

8 – Cheesy Corn Salsa:

This is a typical Desi American wrap. The cheese corn salsa is filled with American Corn cooked in the Salsa Sauce. To make the taste even better, cheese is generously added to the stuffing. Comprising finely chopped capsicum, onion, and assorted spices, this is a yummy delight.

9 – Barbeque Chicken Wrap:

Delve deep into the fascinating taste of Barbequed Chicken with this wrap. It is a lovely combination of Indian concoction (Tadka) and western barbeque flavors. You can never go wrong with this wrap as it is highly affordable. So, it can be the perfect answer for your barbeque cravings in the crunching days of the month.

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