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5 Reasons Your Skin Is Dull This Summer

Glowing or healthy skin is one such major beauty goal in every women or men lives. We spend huge amount of money in parlors and spas to get glowing and full of life skin. We even spend tons of money to get beauty or skin care product that might help us in achieving these goals. But our skin still looks like it needs gallons of water to drink within a day or two of several spa treatments. We all need to understand that our skins is the reflection of our inside body what our body is doing from inside comes all on the skin. Lack of micro nutrients, dehydration, fat accumulation etc. is some of basic problems which lead to dullness of skin. Here are some main felons behind the dullness and lifelessness of skin and some tips which would be helpful for you.


Dehydration is one of the most common reasons behind the dullness of our skin. Such kind of skin can appear both dry and oily at the same time. When our skin is dehydrated it looks flaky, itchy, feels tight, and looks dull, skin needs as many hydrated products during this time no oil products would work best for skin. Hydrating products like mists, toners, moisturizers can tackle such kind of skin condition very well plus a lot of water drinking and eating fruits really rejuvenate the skin and makes it look plump.

Sun Burn

Not all tans makes you look like you are bronzed goddess! Sunburns and tanned skin looks extremely dull and uneven. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun even golden looking tan can become a mess after a while and can causes you trouble. UV rays coming from sun damages your skin in so many ways and can even cause skin cancer. To avoid these problems you should wear sunscreens with good amount of SPF before exposure to sun.

Food Habits

Being foodie is not enough especially when eating junk food all of the time is all you do and still expect your skin will look baby soft, glowing, or youthful. Choosing right and healthy food on the daily basis leads your skin to look fresh and youthful. Cut off sugar, spices, and unhealthy fats and notice a visible difference within days. If your lower your salt and spices intake your skin will look less puffy more plump. Trust me!


 Sometimes what appear on your face as dullness and lifelessness is not due to what’s going on in your body its more about what’s going on in your brain. People might not consider this as a reason of their dull skin but it is one of the main reasons. Stress causes an increase in cortisol which can directly affect skin repair and blood flow. Your stress could be the thing standing between you and radiant skin!


You might have heard the term “beauty sleep”! From whatever reason you’ve been not getting enough sleep is getting in the way of your best skin. Sleep is the time when your skin cells repair themselves and regenerate. If you are sleeping less than your skin cells cannot perform at their optimum, which will lead to circulatory changes with dark eye circles, paleness, dry, flaky, less hydrated skin, and etc.

There are so many things you do on daily basis that leads to bad and dull skin such as not sleeping much, not eating healthy, not drinking enough water, and not using skincare products. With getting enough sleep and drinking tons of water you should invest in good skin care creams and products. These creams really help your skin to attain its life back and help you achieve youthful skin. These creams come in beautiful cream boxes that will attract you and these boxes add value to the product inside it. Cosmetic industry invests so much money in just the cosmetic packaging to meet customers’ requirement of having luxurious and beautiful packaging.

Cosmetic products are different as compared to all other products and require special packaging to be packed in the most efficient way. There are different types of cosmetic creams which must to be packed in attractive glass or metal containers that are packaged in thin cardboard or paper boxes which have to be alluring as well. These cardboard boxes provide enough sturdiness to safely hold the containers or cream jars in it and also upsurge their present ability at the same time.

The modern cream boxes are made out of Eco-friendly and flexible material which prevents cream containers from any kind of damage and absorbs shocks that might obtain from any sort of mishandling whether while being delivered or on the shelf in retail stores. These boxes can be customized meeting the business and customers’ specification into any color, shape, style, and prints.