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How to Spy Facebook Messages?

You are out with your hubby at a restaurant. It’s all going good and you are having a wonderful time. All of a sudden he is greeted by an old friend and pleasantries are exchanged. After you have a little friendly chat he offers to leave his friend and wife outside.
You try to pass the time by observing the other tables and after a few moments, his phone starts ringing. He is getting messages on his Facebook Messenger account. It is from three different women sending flirty messages and some that leave no room for doubt.

You are shocked and appalled. Your beautiful evening has been ruined. You feel helpless and confused at what do next. Unfortunately, this is becoming a common story across the world and technology is not helping the case, in fact, it is becoming the problem.

Social media sites are meant to connect people across the world and foster connections, but what about the people in our lives? This is a question that has no easy answers but one puzzle that needs to be figured out if you want to save these relationships.

Reasons to spy on someone’s Facebook messages

There was once a time when having a conversation and dinner together with the entire family were considered the greatest joys in a day. As the technology keeps changing so has changed the relationship and family dynamic completely.

The same technology that creates problems can also solve them with a Facebook spy app to get the complete picture. These spy apps remotely and secretly gather information, but you need very strong reasons to use them.

Let’s go through some of them and see if you need to move ahead with your decision to spy on your loved one:-

1.  The Phone Goes Everywhere

Phone addiction is a problem that is rampant so this may not be a straightaway sign but then few things are. For every weird behavior, there is an innocent explanation. There is no guarantee that such a weird behavior means cheating or hiding something.

Video games, social media, apps, etc have the entire world hooked and people can’t seem to have enough. It could be just that or it could be what you are fearing the most? It could be that they are hiding something embarrassing that has happened or they are seeing someone behind your back.

2.  Constantly Texting

Change is a constant in all our lives and we all keep going through it. It’s a perfectly normal thing to happen as we all want to keep improving in various ways. But if there are sudden and unexplained changes in their personality it could be problematic.

If they start to constantly be busy on their mobiles chatting lately then it could be a sign of cheating going on their side. Either that or maybe they are trying to hide some mistake they have made which they know is going to make you angry, either way, you deserve to know.

3. A Second Phone

People often keep an alternative or a second phone for practical reasons. Smart-phones switch off often because of high consumption and a cheaper phone is kept to remain in touch but most of the times people know about it, especially their partners.

But if you accidentally happen to come across their second phone and they were very coy with their response on when they had bought this phone, this could be a big red flag. Buying a phone may not be big news but it’s not something you hide either.

4. Secret Multimedia Content

Multimedia content has become one of the top sources of entertainment nowadays. There is nothing wrong with them sharing any gif, meme, video or images with their contacts. It is even healthy for your relationship that their life not revolves around you only.

But the other side of the argument is how sneaky some of the technology is becoming. You can use audio and video software to hide a secret audio message or an intimate photo in these multimedia files to hide from your prying eyes.

5.  Stop Getting Notifications

Being on a friend’s list of your partner should be a foregone conclusion unless you are not on social media or Facebook altogether. You are used to seeing his posts and reacting to it in your own unique way.

But if it has been a while since you last saw his post or got any notification regarding his Facebook activity, then it could be a reason for concern. If this happens occasionally, then it could just be an honest mistake but if this happens repeatedly you are right to have your doubts.

Best Facebook Spy Apps

Almost the entire world is on social media sites like Facebook. Facebook has continued to evolve and influence our lives for better or worse. The fact that you can communicate with anyone has become the calling card of these sites but it is also the downside.

This creates situations where your partner or child can often mix in with the wrong crowd. What if your partner is cheating or your child is being influenced by a predator or fraudster is anybody’s guess. You will need a trustworthy Facebook tracker app to get to the truth. Let’s go through the best spy apps that can make it happen for you:-

1. Spymaster Pro

Spymaster Pro is a trustworthy Facebook spy app to monitor their Facebook activities.

  • Listens to Calls
  • Social Media Tracking
  • Live screen-shots
  • 30-day backup
  • Compatible with latest OS and mobiles
  • Not compatible with Symbian and Blackberry

2. mSpy

mSpy is a popular software you can use to spy on Facebook.

  • Read text messages
  • View call history
  • Invisible mode
  • Instant app download notification
  • Easy user interface
  • Requires root on iPhone

 3. The Truth Spy

The Truth Spy is cell phone monitoring software you can use to spy on Facebook.

  • Tracking GPS
  • Social media tracking
  • Browser tracking
  • 24*7 customer support
  • Limited compatibility

Facebook is one of the biggest social media sites in the world and almost everyone that is online is on Facebook. It goes without saying that being on social media as its own positives and negatives but if you want to use a Facebook spy app, you are within your right to do that. It is your right to keep them safe and sound as technology keeps evolving.