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One Solution for Your Many Examination With Exam Software

Education is now not limited to the four walls of the classroom and schools/colleges. With the advancement in technology education has now expanded to the touch of fingertips. Nowadays many educational institutions, coaching classes and multinational companies are using Exam Software to make processes like Admissions, Examinations, Fee Payment, Recruitment, Employment  etc available online to make examination easy and simplified.

There are many benefits of using an  Exam Software as it  is easy to use, loads faster, and can be customized to suit the specified needs of an organization. The main aim is to reduce the tedious human efforts put behind it and to minimize the cost and logistics requirement needed for examination. The exam software handles all the examination needs of  any school teacher, a university professor or company HR. With the very easy to use online exam software it has now become a game to create, share and analyze any type of test conducted for employee or students.

Exam software is one stop solution to conduct any type of examination whether it be a mock test, quizzes, public quizzes, personality quizzes, aptitude tests, opinion polls, online exams, online assessments, educational exams, competitive exams and many more.

Online Entrance Examination with Exam Software

Manage the entrance exams in paper less environment right from filling up the forms to conducting entrance exams on fingertips with exam software. The student selection process is made very easy with exam software. The software also gives instant result generation and report analysis of the all the students appeared. The payment gateway integrated in the software helps students to pay the fees online to appear for the entrance exams.  Exam software is now used for conducting various entrance examinations like GPSC, UPSC, MBBS, management education, banking recruitment, BBA, MCA, LIC, Bank PO, SSI, PSI, MPSC etc.

  • Students Form Filling
  • Fee Payment
  • Hall Ticket Generation
  • Appear for Online Exams
  • Result generation/Report Analysis
Online Subjective Exams with Exam Software

Subjective tests are more challenging and expensive to prepare, administer and evaluate correctly, but subjective assessment is considered as best way of evaluation of ones subject understanding & knowledge. Online subjective examination is need of time. Subjective exams can be used to check written communication skill, theoretical knowledge expressive power, vocabulary used and understanding of the subject of any individual.

The exam software also helps the students to upload number of files in doc, pdf, mp3, xlsx etc. The software supports multiple languages and various graphs, images, symbols also. Text area is provided for the candidate to type answer for the question and answer is automatically saved by the software.

  • Create a subjective exam with timer
  • Share the exam with candidates
  • Check the answer-sheets /Report generation

Online Exams for Recruitment

With the widespread use of technology, online exam is now used an extensive tool to monitor and manage the entire recruitment and appraisal process in an organization. The online exam software is very accurate and secure platform ensures that the right candidate is selected.

The online exams aids the company in effectively shortlisting candidates based on multiple criteria, reduces time and man power with quick and auto-evaluated results. With exam software  a company can  engage massive hiring through walk-Ins, day to day hiring, employee assessment and campus placements.

With exams software the hiring manager can conduct various types of tests like coding test, performance evaluation test, psychometric test, aptitude test, thinking ability test and many more.

  • Create a recruitment online test
  • Share the online test among all candidate/employee
  • Candidate/employee can give test at any given time from anywhere
  • Result graded automatically
  • Filter candidates based on evaluation criteria

Online Exams for Training/Coaching Centers

Various competitive exams  like GPSC, UPSC, MBBS, management education, banking recruitment, BBA, MCA, LIC, Bank PO, SSI, PSI, MPSC etc. are conducted across India. Training/Coaching centers providing training for various competitive exams are now using mock test paper series to prepare students to practice for various competitive exams. Mock test provide a trail run, give students a feel for real exam and help to inculcate confidence and self-analytic.

The training centers can create mock test for each chapter/ topic/ subject/ sub topic. The exam software supports multiple languages and various questions types for creating mock test. Students can compare their performance through different reports like test analysis, time taken on each question/topic/section, comparison with topper, question wise solution & explanation, the attempted, left, right, wrong questions and find out their strong as well as weak areas of performance.

  • Create a question bank
  • Design test series subject wise, topic wise
  • Assign test series to students
  • Result Generation/Report Analysis
  • The training/coaching centers can also sell their test series online through third party payment gateway integration.

ConductExam is web based online exam software with ability to manage examinations of any scale. With the use of this software school,colleges, universities, coaching institutes, corporate industry can conduct any type examination with ease and high rate of accuracy. Also all the data is stored in the cloud so it can be accessed by individual at any point of time.