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Understand the Importance of Georgia Child Support Laws

The harshest decision for a couple is to get separated and finally divorce each other.But you know what is more difficult; when you have to part from your child especially for the fathers. The law states that the custody of the child is with the mother until the child is old enough to decide for him/ her.

Meaning of Child Support:

There are several people become happy when they hear that the custody is with the mother but they forget that they have to pay for the child under the Georgia Child Support Laws. The fathers are obliged to pay for every need of the child according to the financial requirements. This is called child support. There are certain laws that the fathers have to follow in order to fulfill the demands of the child.

Types of Child Support:
There are basically two types of child support that the court orders the father to give.It is important to understand it because it makes the process very easy and no complications can develop.

Temporary one:
When neither the mother nor the father agrees on the amount of the child support then the court decides for a specific amount until both the parties agreeto an amount. This can also be the scenario when either of the party files for divorce through best divorce lawyers.

Finalized Support:

After the finalization of the divorce,the parties must decide for the support money for the child. Both must agree on it and only then it can be finalized. The father has to pay the amount that he has agreed upon otherwise there can be dire consequences.

Penalty for Non-Payment:

If there are any genuine reasons for non-payment of child support then the court can make amends. But if the father has no excuse or is just negligent towards the child the heavy penalty is waiting for him.
  1. His property can be seized.
  2. Withhold the license of business.
  3. Driver’s license can be suspended.
  4. Arrest and jailed.
Ways to pay the Amount:

In the past there only a few ways to pay child support which made it difficult because of lack of time and resources. But now parents can pay up by the following methods;
  1. Debit and credit cards.
  2. Mail the money order.
  3. Pay direct cash.
  4. Different payment apps.
  5. The employer can pay by deducting it from the wages.
  6. Payment through check.
What covers according to Georgia Child Support Laws?

When you decide to pay for the child support; it is crucial that you discuss what things it covers with a lawyer. There are many legal firms that will help you in this matter. One of them is Tom Tebeau who has the expertise to assist you. The child support that you pay will cover the below-mentioned things;
  1. The basic needs of the child.
  2. The child needs food, clothing and shelter to live.
  3. It covers all the educational needs.
  4. The medical and healthcare facilities.
Who has to pay?

Both the biological parents come under the law to pay the child support. It is up to the court to decide whether only one or both the parents have to pay. But the stepparents have no obligation that they have to pay for the child support. They can only do that if they have adopted the child legally.

Reasons to End:

Like every support, this can also end at some time. There are various circumstances that determine the ending of child support.
  1. If the child dies.
  2. Reaches the age of maturity which is different in various states.
  3. Gets married.
  4. The child earns money on his/ her own.
Importance of Child Support:

Not only the child but also the other parent gets support financially.If either the mother or the father is a single parent then the other parent is more obliged to pat the money. It is not an issue that the mother and father are married or not still they have to make the payment.

Caring for Child’s Needs:
The single parent may not have the finances to take care of the child fully so the other parent must pay to take care of the child’s needs.Although it may happen that the parent can afford to raise the child on their own but still the other has to pay.

Help to the Child’s Other Parent:
A single person doesn’t have the means to raise a child on his/ her own. So additional support from the other parent will definitely ease the burden and can give a better living standard to the child.

It is the Parents’Responsibility:

Both the mother and father are equally responsible for the child as they both have brought the child into this world. The amount that is fixed for this purpose is equally divided between the mother and the father; so that no one gets the burden.

Emotional Connection of Parent and Child:

Although the main reason for child support amount according to Georgia Child Support Laws is to give financial support to the child but an underlying purpose is that the child is always emotionally connected with the parent.