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What Is A Corporate Video?

The corporate video is an audiovisual resource to improve business communication Do you want to know more about it? Then we tell you everything.

Corporate Video definition:

To the question of what is a corporate video we can answer that it is an audiovisual piece focused on the construction of a business perception. This type of business videos are intended to create a message that addresses different aspects related to the company.

There are different types of messages that can be treated in a corporate video depending on the marketing and communication objectives, and of course the` target audience to which the message is addressed.

Until a few years ago, corporate videos focused on showing how the company worked, its manufacturing processes, and the phases involved in these processes.

There was talk about the history of the company, its scope in the commercialization and industrialization and even, in some of these videos, there were data referring to its presence in the market, its scope and its effectiveness.

Now with the evolution of video marketing, this type of videos can be specified in the so-called industrial videos, although it is also true that when creating this type of videos the creativity will depend on the audiovisual producer and the video style that the client wants.

Different audiences in a corporate video

When an audiovisual company deals with the production of corporate video in Dubai, both this one and the company that demands the video, it must be clear to whom it is addressed.

In advertising we talk about the target audience to refer to the recipient of our commercial messages or products, but when we talk about public communication, the issue is a little broader.

A company forms different public and not all have to do with the sale of a product or services. The publics in a company are those different collectives that are part of the communication carried out by the company.

Normally a company has different audiences and this must be identified before starting work on the communicative objective.

The publics in a company can be: employees, shareholders, investors, institutions, media, customers, suppliers, public administrations...

The number of audiences can be as large as the company is large and in which markets it can compete.

That is why it is so important to know to whom we should direct our message, and, it is here, when we will ask ourselves the question: will a manufacturing process interest all our publics?

Objectives in the realization of an online corporate video

After having clear the public or public that will act as recipients of our message, we must choose what is the objective to achieve with the realization of the company video.

With the emergence of online video marketing, the number of objectives that we can pursue in a video of these characteristics can be many, but in particular, in a corporate video we should always focus on communication objectives. To achieve marketing objectives, it is recommended to make other types of company videos.

The most important communication objectives in the corporate video

Undoubtedly the most important objective to communicate is the one referred to the brand image or corporate branding. Building and strengthening a brand image is one of the factors towards which all companies should have their long-term objective.

In a competitive market where the difference between products is increasingly scarce, differentiation comes from intangibles.

In advertising, the concept of intangible value is linked to what a product of a brand can contribute beyond its usefulness as an object, therefore, improving the perception of our brand will benefit all the processes carried out by the company.

It is essential before starting to develop a corporate video or a promotional video, to be clear about how we want our brand to be perceived. Here are some of the most interesting communication objectives that companies are currently introducing in their Branding and Corporate Social Responsibility plans.

People want to belong to a brand that transmits emotions, which can come to empathize with their same concerns and concerns. You have to introduce emotions in business communication.

Intangible and tangible values are those that are going to speak for you, so as a recommendation, if you are not working on any of them in your company, you should start to raise and communicate it (sustainability, respect for the environment, commitments to society, care of the family and our clients, interest in the welfare of our workers, maternity, labor flexibility.