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8 Reasons Why You should Incorporate E-learning Application in Your Learning Strategy

In the present digital age, E-learning via mobile apps is increasingly been seen as the future of learning. And why not? E-learning is much more convenient, cheaper and easily accessible as compared to the traditional mode of tuition or coaching classes.

Today’s digital age students spend most of their time with their smart devices. So why not use this opportunity to engage them into something beneficial?
The online education model via e-learning apps are trying to overcome the disadvantages of the traditional educational system while also providing additional benefits

So let’s discuss the 10 reasons why you should incorporate e-learning application in your learning strategy:

1. Convenience of learning

Earlier parents had to spend hours in driving their kids to a tutoring center and then get them back. But now interactive learning via apps like UnfoldU is available at the click of a button and can be accessed from anywhere at any time. This means that students can reap the benefits of learning without adjusting their sports time or entertainment time. With the advent of learning apps like UnfoldU, on-the-go learning is a reality.

2. Engagement via gamification

The beauty of e-learning mobile app is that their interactive nature makes students visually engrossed while also igniting their areas of mind associated with play, competition, and rewards. For example, the recent reward offer by Unfold under which students can win prizes by participating in a quiz is a very unique process to encourage students with the learning process.

3. Personalized learning tracts

Mobile apps are best are recognizing when a child has excelled at a particular level. The apps monitor and track progress at a personal level and then provide feedback to parents that can be used to gauge the level of their kids. This provides proper mechanisms and solutions to the parents about the level of knowledge of their ward. This gives parents the ability to judge their kid’s ability so that they can make a proper choice of his/her career in the future.

4. Affordability issue

When the cost of personal tuition is soaring high, it becomes very difficult for parents who can’t afford a personal tutor. And at this time apps like UnfoldU come at the rescue of these parents by providing online classes from as minimum as rupees 750 per month. This app-based education is delivering the most robust educational resources at a fraction of the cost of tuition classes.

5. Higher retention rates

Many offline tuition classes often struggle to retain students throughout the length of courses. But online learning through educational app increases student retention from 25% to 60%. More engaging learning content via multimedia and animated videos also helps students to learn in a more entertaining way.

6. More frequent assessment

E-learning mobile app helps students to assess themselves more frequently. UnfoldU app has incorporated a mock test section on its website as well as the best e-learning app which can be used by students to test themselves frequently and at regular intervals. These short tests also don’t distract the students are they find it more engaging.

7. Less time investment

The best part about online learning is that students can study at the comfort of their home, without spending their spare time going for tuition classes. They can use the additional time they have for other recreational purposes. It also saves parents time as they don’t have to drive off their kids to a coaching class. Even the missed classes can be taken up again and students don’t miss on their learning.

8. Students can learn at their own pace

Different students have a different pace of learning. Some might be a quick learner while some take longer time to understand time. The best part of online learning is that students can learn at their own pace, without feeling shy in front of the teacher or peer group. Online learning enables students to take control of their own learning process. They can go through the content as many times as they want, they can re-read the material whenever they want thus becoming an active learner.

The traditional method of teaching has been around for centuries and we don’t want them to shut down. But it can’t be denied that technology if used wisely, can play an important role in learning. So why not merge the traditional and online education to create a more effective, efficient and interactive learning experience.

We provide the best e-learning app intending to provide quality education to students by providing relevant and high-quality study materials and online classes via mobile application.

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