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How to Go about Your Job Search in Hong Kong

With every passing year, employment and job search have become an extremely competitive arena. Irrespective of fresh graduates or experienced professionals, job search is a tedious and time-taking task. Hong Kong’s job market is expected to grow this year, bringing a positive growth trajectory for old as well as new local businesses.

Due to the upsurge of the digital wave, up-skilling and future-proofing of the workforce are among the top plans for employers. Therefore, when doing their job search, aspiring job seekers need to move up the digital skills ladder in order to make themselves the right fit for the changing scenario.

If you are currently in the hunt for a job, you must have a job search strategy in place. You must have a sound understanding of the industry you are looking to join, as well as the scope of a long-term career in the same. Depending on your experience level, your job search parameters would vary. Today, some of the common requirements expected of job seekers in Hong Kong are good communication skills and language skills such as proficiency in English and Mandarin. When it comes to technical skills, the digital age demands job seekers in innovation-driven and digital integration roles such as in asset management, fintech, data analytics and cybersecurity.

The popular industries for jobs in Hong Kong are cross-border business, e-commerce, education, finance, mobile apps and hardware. Tourism, trade and logistics, and professional and production sectors are also quite popular in the Hong Kong job search market.

Hong Kong has a great job search assistance program that is of great help to job seekers. Anybody can make use of the free recruitment assistance and placement service here through a job vacancy processing centre, a telephonic employment service centre and 11 job centres. They also have two employment and guidance centres for new job seekers joining in. Any and every new job vacancy received is posted on their online portal for public viewing. These are available for viewing at all public computer facilities such as in district offices, community halls, public libraries, post offices and public information kiosks across Hong Kong.

To further enhance the job searchprocess, these job centres provide services such as briefing room, reading area, audio-visual space, telephones, fax machines, computers and internet connection. Job seekers can utilise these facilities to prepare resumes and directly apply for job applications. Connecting with online job boards and recruitment agencies is another useful jobsearch strategy, for they keep you updated on the latest matching jobs out there. Also make full use of your personal and professional circles. If you haven’t already, join a professional networking site to connect with industry professionals directly for possible opportunities. You can also make use of your social media accounts to find and join public groups dedicated to job search.

In order to make use of these facilities efficiently, you must also be well-prepared with your own resources. How well you craft your resume, how closely you follow your desired industry and how you prepare for interviews are all part of determining the success of your job search process.