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15 Ways to Upgrade Your Wardrobe in the New Year

New Year brings a whole new vibe to have new resolutions and experiments. The first resolution for most people is to revamp their wardrobe and enter into the New Year all fresh and enthusiastic. It’s time to unveil new trends and styles to flaunt great looks. We are going to help you do that!

Unveil your new look without having to spend extravagantly on your clothing pieces. You are not going to purchase a whole new closet. You just have to mix and match better and accessorize creatively to pull off some amazing looks. For the new purchases, you don’t have to essentially go for the big brands and expensive pieces. You can get your hands on good quality yet affordable basics. I browsed Khadi women's clothesand got myself a good number of quality basics and some other pieces. You can explore other similar brands too.

15 Tips to Help You Overhaul Your Wardrobe for New Year

1.    Invest in Jackets
2.    Get a Cardigan.
3.    A Multi-Purpose Bag.
4.    Get Some Sneakers.
5.    A Statement Belt.
6.    Don't Ignore Everyday Boots.
7.    Beanie.
8.    Denim Jackets Are Back.
9.    Get All-Weather Boots.
10.    Experiment with Tailoring.
11.    Keep it Simple.
12.    Neck Scarves.
13.    Get Some Blazers.
14.    Accessorize.
15.    Statement/Trendy Pieces

Invest in Jackets

Considering that the weather is still quite cold when the calendar enters into a new year, jackets are going to be one of your wardrobe staples. Equip your closet with some quality jackets. Choose colors, which go with most of your outfits. Go for black, brown, camel, and other neutral colors.
A good jacket can transform your whole outfit and give it a formal touch effortlessly.

Get a Cardigan

Cardigans can really play up your shirts when paired well. They can act as easy accessories to tote around and pull off with any outfit for winters. You can pick a printed, patterned, or solid color cardigan to match with various shirts in your closet. You can pull them off in several different ways. If you are creative, you will diversify your whole wardrobe by playing with your cardigans.

A Multi-Purpose Bag

Handbags can perk up your entire look. You will not regret investing in a versatile bag. When buying a bag, don’t overspend for trends, which change fast. We all are seeing those tiny, miniature bags everywhere on fashion and style blogs. But if you only want to invest in essentials, go for a larger bag. It should be able to at least carry your basics like cellphone, wallet, etc.

A larger bag will accentuate your solid color as well as printed outfits. Enhance your entire ensemble with an amazing bag.

Get Some Sneakers

Sneakers are essential. You need them to air with your cute skirts, skinnies, and even dresses. Invest in some good and less mainstream pairs to pull off some great looks.

A Statement Belt

Get yourself a nice, decorative belt to accentuate your plain and simple dresses. You can even try this hack for your old dresses and coats to give them a new life.

Don't Ignore Everyday Boots

Boots are winter essentials. They can match most of your outfits and can be game-changers for your seasonal attires. Plus, they bring you warmth and comfort.


Beanies will act as your perfect accessories for winters and New Year. Not only they are functional and inexpensive, but they will also add a touch of style to your outfits.

Denim Jackets Are Back

Denim fabric is timeless and it keeps coming back in fashion in different ways. Denim jackets will be a wardrobe staple this year. You can pull them off stylishly and effortlessly with skirts, pants, and even dresses.

Get All-Weather Boots

The weather is going to bring you some muddy and extra wet days. Therefore, consider a pair of all-weather boots a necessity. Make sure they are rugged and practical to go with any look.

Experiment with Tailoring

Do you know that a few quick stitches can transform your outfit entirely? With some creativity and effort, you can make your skirts and dress from last year completely anew. If you are on a budget, you can even buy plain and simple inexpressive dresses and skirts and turn them into exquisite pieces. Get a tailor and trust us every buck will be worth it!

Keep it Simple

Simple is classy! You don’t have to essentially stock your wardrobe with pleated skirts/tops and whiskered denim. You can wear simpler outfits and still look fabulous. It’s all about pulling them off right. Perk up your simple outfits by moderately accessorizing them!

Neck Scarves

One of the new obsessions of fashionistas is donning neck scarves stylishly. If you are not into it, take advantage of the video tutorials on YouTube and social media about knotting your scarves in catchy and creative ways. you can slay your skirts, semi-formal dresses, and even a plain tee with jeans by knotting a nice scarf. Invest in a few and get yourself both, printed and solid colors.

Get Some Blazers

Want to look stylish effortlessly? Put on a classy blazer. Get some in different textures, cuts, and colors. Blazers will get you through a formal meeting, dinner out, luncheon, and even casual get together. You can look chic and trendy even when you are clueless about what to wear.
Try oversized blazers and bright-hued ones to add some extra zing to your outfits.


Add some classy accessories to bring life to your simple outfits. Don’t go overboard with gaudy jewelry pieces. But adding good accessories such as an intricate necklace, a classy ring, or a nice bag can effortlessly perk up even the most simple and plain outfits.

Statement/Trendy Items

High-low is clearly a rage these days. But if not done right, it wouldn’t look great. Manage your budget by saving on basics and spending on labels when it’s about timeless and versatile trend items and classics. When it’s hard to tell the difference between expensive and cheap pieces, always go for the cheap one. You can use that money on getting some statement pieces and attention-grabbing items.

I got myself some fabulous Khaadi Khaas dresses and embellished jackets. They are elegant and have this amazing ethnic touch. I used my savings well!