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The Role of Mitochondrial Support Supplements for Long-Term Health

To optimize the energy of the body, a multi-aspect approach is necessary. While it is generally believed that energy ‘in’ produces an equal amount of energy ‘out’, additional processes are required to stimulate proper energy production. The mitochondrial support supplements help the body at the cellular level for energy production.

Fundamentally, the mitochondria are the powerhouse of our cells. It develops cellular energy which is utilized in the form of Adenosine Triphosphate or commonly referred to as ATP.

Individuals who have mitochondrial dysfunction, primary mitochondrial disorders, neurodegenerative disorders or chronic fatigue require mitochondrial support supplements to treat and support the condition recovery and all-round health.

There are multiple mitochondrial support supplements that aid the formation of ATP, eliminate toxic metabolites, and avoid defects at the cellular level. Below we have explained some of these essential supplements which are advised by the clinicians in case of a primary mitochondrial disorder.

Mitochondrial Support Supplements for Improved Health

1.    Alpha-Lipoic Acid

Alpha-lipoic acid or commonly known as ALA is a type of antioxidant that is water and fat-soluble. It also aids iron, copper, and other similar metals removal from the body.

Other than the main functions, ALA contains anti-inflammatory properties which help in improving various diabetes symptoms such as inflammation, neuropathies, and vascular issues.

All these health-enhancing properties of ALA improve mitochondrial function and cognitive health of the body. This provides evidence of the link between mitochondrial disorders and oxidative damage. 

2.    PQQ

PQQ is also known to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in the body, which helps in improving mitochondrial health. PQQ is extremely beneficial in improving the biogenesis of mitochondria which means the creation of new mitochondria.

PQQ mitochondrial support supplement has multiple other benefits:

●    It is called a neuroprotective supplement. There are two types of neurotransmitter activities, glutamate, and GABA. While glutamate is excitatory or stimulating, GABA is relaxing or inhibitory activity. Our body requires more GABA neurotransmitter activity than glutamate, as glutamate can harm the cells of the brain. PQQ prevents and avoids the over-production of glutamate activities as these activities contribute to several neurodegenerative diseases.

●    Most of the mitochondria concentration in our body is found in the brain. If we protect the brain mitochondria, we move in the direction of protecting the brain. PQQ supplement protects our brain from neurotoxicity which occurs due to toxins like mercury.

●    PQQ also reduces the accumulation of beta and amyloid tau proteins that stimulate Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.

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3.    CoQ10

CoQ10 is an important supplement for the mitochondrial system. Multiple studies reveal the significance of CoQ10 in reducing fatigue and improving energy levels. It positively impacts the degenerative diseases.

In a randomized study, 98 participants with Alzheimer’s disease received a mixture of vitamin C and E, CoQ10, and ALA for 16-weeks. These individuals observed a reduction in oxidative stress.

It can be concluded from the study that individuals who have Parkinson’s disease can also benefit from CoQ10. This is because Parkinson’s disease is often accompanied by increased oxidative stress and damaged CoQ10 levels in the body. Consumption of CoQ10 supplements can reverse this impact.

4.    NAD

NAD mitochondrial support supplement helps in improving chronic fatigue by improving mitochondrial production.

In a trial containing 26 active subjects, individuals who experienced chronic fatigue were treated with a placebo or NADH supplement. At the end of the 4-week trial, 8 of the participants observed high energy levels and improved overall wellbeing.

5.    D-ribose

Usually, D-ribose is an effective element for individuals who have natural D-ribose deficiency. It is also popularly known as one of the important bodybuilding support supplements which aid muscle fatigue.

Experts believe that D-ribose can improve the symptoms of diseases such as ALS and other similar disorders.

6.    Acetyl-L-Carnitine 

Acetyl-L-Carnitine or ALC is a natural amino acid. It is one of the most beneficial mitochondrial support supplements for the brain.

Generally, ALC supplement is utilized to treat disorders related to a low l-carnitine concentration such as heart diseases, diabetes, infections like sepsis, and kidney diseases.

Another important function of ALC is the production of ATP which is necessary for elder people. This because aging leads to less and less production of ATP.

7.    Creatine

Creatine is a mitochondrial support supplement that helps in the production or development of ATP with its phosphocreatine breakdown process. This supplement is known to improve muscle strength and exercise performance of the individual.

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8.    Riboflavin

Riboflavin is a type of electron carrier which improves exercise tolerance, muscle strength, motor abilities, psychomotor development, and enhances growth. It also helps in decreasing body fatigue.


Most of the clinicians utilize a mix of all these supplements depending upon the disorder or issues faced by the patient. The composition of these mitochondrial support supplements can vary according to the impact on the body of the individual. Hence, consult a doctor before taking any of the above supplements for any mitochondrial disorders.