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List of Tools for Content and Wikipedia Writing

Websites solely work based on good content, if a website does not embrace good content, there is a high chance of the website’s downfall! Therefore, it is very essential for website to have content that is not only creative or interesting but the kind of content that is error free and eye-catching! People take years of practice to master the art of good content creation.

We can say that we can write, well everybody can write! However, the thing to ponder upon is that can we write the perfect pieces of content? Is our content free of errors? On the other hand, is there anything that we can add to our content to make it better!

Well, yes! All of us can write, read or edit anything but as everything has its own unique imperfections, our content might have some too. Many errors may persist in our text or content. Therefore, we need advanced and accurate ways to create great content that is not only creative, interesting and eye-catching but also a flawless piece!

When we talk about writing or creating content for an online platform, there are various platforms and each one of them has its own format and requirements!

To keep our suggestions in general we can provide you a list of both types of tool that:

1.    You can use to perfect or alter any type of content
2.    You can use to make your Wikipedia content flawless

The general tools that we have mentioned here are best for any type of content you can use it for your general text correction and for Wikipedia writing. The use of these tools will help you with a variety of things like:

1.    Grammatical errors
2.    Punctuation
3.    Style
4.    Tense
5.    Structure
6.    Vocabulary enhancements
7.    Plagiarism checking

Moreover, much more things depending on each tool’s capabilities and feature as each of them vary from on another!

Tools for all kind of text and Content

1.    A dictionary: in general to help you with the vocabulary you want to use if you have any confusions with the meanings or words

2.    Grammarly: An app helps you to identify your mistakes even while you are working on your content. It allows you to check your content even when you are done. It works with various apps and allows you to pin it with your keyboard, once you install it in your phone. Its purpose is clearly reflected by its name that it ultimately helps with your grammar, it has multiple features that can work for an overall enhancement of your content; however, they come with a paid version.

3.    Web-spellchecker: it corrects your writing errors easily even when you typing. It also underlines the mistakes if you keep the auto correct off, so that you can edit your mistakes when you are done. It has another feature that allows the user to check the work in a separate window so that the original work remains unchanged.

These three options can be your priority to create error free content. However for the ones who love variety to choose from, we have listed more options that they can discover themselves!

•    Slick Write
•    Ninja Essays
•    Ginger
•    After the deadline
•    Papers-gear
•    1Checker
•    Essays Capital
•    Proofread-bot
•    Grammar Base

You can use any of these tools to level up your writing game!

Tools For Wikipedia Content Creation And Editing

Wikipedia being an encyclopedic platform has different needs and requirements in terms of content. Where, the Wikipedia gives out an extensive guideline, it also tells or provides tools to help the writers and editors to create flawless content.

When you write for Wikipedia, you need to follow a particular format, structure and tone. Therefore, Wikipedia suggests its own writing tools for Wikipedia content writing. However, to make your already written content you can use the general writing tools that we have mentioned above but it is always best to cross check your work before submission!

Here is the list of tools that anybody can use to create great Wikipedia content without any difficulty or errors!

1.    QuickWikiEditor: Afirefox-add-on that makes the little edits to wiki articles without leaving the page or without the need or reloading it! This helps in reading the article without any disturbance.

2.    wikED: It is a fully-featured in-browser text editor that includes the altered or enhanced text processing function. Currently it only works with Mozilla, Firefox, SeaMonkey, Safari and Chrome. Its advanced features include:

•    Pasting formatted Content from MS-Word
•    Converting text to wikicodes
•    Regular expression search
•    Full screen editing mode
•    Search or replace box
•    History of summary, replace fields and search

3.    Offline MediaWiki Code Editor: It is a freeware offline application that helps to edit the code for English Wikipedia pages. It has various tools. It also includes different frameworks for multiple Wikipedia articles.

4.    WikiCheckwatchlist tool: Help checking the watch list much easier.

We hope that our suggestion according to the expert Wikipedia consultant provided suggestions would help you to pave your path to a successful Wikipedia article. In addition, you can always tone and perfect your content with your expertise as well! You just need to learn everything to achieve that kind of expertise!