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Another Covid-19 Strain Found in UK. Spreads More Swiftly


Covid-19 Strain Found in UK

A new variant of Covid-19, strain, is rapidly spreading in the UK. The new variant strain is said to be more transmissible and contagious than the prior virus. It is found that it is 70% more transmissible. The first case was seen in mid-september. Since then, 66% of the population has been affected as of now.

The whole UK has seen the worst side of this mutant virus other than Northern Ireland. 

Restrictions on UK travel

Due to the transmission speed of this virus in parts of England, numerous countries have declared restrictions on UK travel and has suspended flights. Netherland has suspended flights from Britain until 1st January. Except for cargo flights, other flights are suspended from Britain in Germany. France has also announced a complete ban on UK travel. 

People believe that the new variant is out of control and is developing fear and concern among them. It is dicy to find out the emergence of the variant. It may have loomed in the patient of UK or may be passed on from a country. 

Comment by Experts

Experts say that there is no evidence to prove that the new variant is deadlier. But the precautions to be taken by the people remains the same. They still need to wear a mask, use sanitizer, and frequently wash their hands. The presence of strain virus is higher at contaminated zones. It impacts alterations in the spike protein that makes it very infectious.

It is said that strain is replacing other viruses in the UK. Experts from the European Union believes that the existing Covid-19 vaccine is also effective against the vulnerable new virus strain. It is the mutated variant of the coronavirus.

The strain has also been found in the Netherlands, Australia, South Africa, and Denmark. A strict lockdown has been imposed in London and southeast England on the occasion of Christmas by the government. They believe that it is out of control and people need to stay at home to get the situation under control.

Matt Hancock, the British health secretary warned to take strict measures against the virus. There is a ban on family gatherings on Christmas and the non-essential shops shall remain closed. The precautions and measures are to be followed until the virus vaccine is made fully available to the vast population.

The harshest measures are taken this time as compared to the March lockdown. After the announcement of the lockdown which was to be effective at midnight on Saturday, a huge rush was noticed at train stations in London. People were scrambling to leave the city. The transport officials declared that the number of police officers is to be increased at railway stations to make sure that only essential journeys are taken.

The situation is marked as deadly serious by Hancock. The health minister hopes that 0.5 million people in the UK get the vaccination over the weekend.