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ChatGPT and the power of internet: 8 previously impossible tasks made easy

ChatGPT and the power of internet

OpenAI may have launched its first-ever dedicated app for ChatGPT on iOS. However, it may take some time to reach iOS and Android users in India. In the last few weeks, OpenAI has been enabling its AI chatbot with numerous features.

The biggest, perhaps, is the recent update that enables ChatGPT to access the internet in real-time. ChatGPT Plus users can now access the internet by enabling the Web Browsing option in settings and later selecting GPT-4 web browsing template. The chatbot now cites sources with tiny numbers and links.

With access to the internet, the sky’s the limit. Here’s a look at some of the things that ChatGPT can do that were not possible earlier.

Trend detection

Firstly users need to select the GPT-4 option and simply need to input a prompt that seeks trending information. For example, “Provide a simple analysis of the latest trends in e-commerce and consumer behaviour patterns in Q1 of 2023”. Within seconds, the chatbot scrapes information from the internet and presents it to the user. With this feature, ChatGPT essentially becomes one’s personal business analyst. The information can come in handy for presentations, drafting business proposals, etc.

Boost productivity

Imagine a scenario at work where you are required to collate information in a tabular format, and there is a time crunch. ChatGPT, with its GPT-4 and internet access, can come to your rescue. For example, a prompt such as “From recent studies, what are the best ways to boost productivity at work? Create a summary table”. ChatGPT will yield a response that will have points on the left side with the corresponding description in a table. This can be an easy and efficient way to break down large chunks of information into a comprehensible tabular form.

Decode a complex event

With the internet at your disposal, ChatGPT can help you make sense of even the most dense topics. Ask the bot to explain the fuel price rise. For example, a prompt that says, “Explain the rising Gasoline price to a 12-year-old while the price of oil is coming down.” In this scenario, ChatGPT will list the price of fuels as of the date of the prompt, and then go on to describe the price rise in the simplest terms. It will further add pointers describing various factors that are contributing to the price difference. It is to be noted that ChatGPT is presenting all the information in the most lucid way possible.

Write essays with sources

The newly updated ChatGPT can be a great means of education. Users will now be able to generate comprehensive essays that will have links to the source of the information presented. The prompt, “Write an essay on India’s independence struggle citing sources with links. Add titles in markdown,” will yield a response with events and dates along with relevant sources.

Coding with latest documentation

This can be a great means for programmers, as with the internet, ChatGPT can scour the web and access the latest available documentation for a particular coding task. Users need to frame their prompts in such a manner that it makes the bot create codes on available resources. The chatbot will deliver responses based on the requested documentation. However, users can later modify the values and add additional properties based on their specific requirements.

Summary of news

Perhaps, this could be the easiest way to grasp the latest news. With ChatGPT, users can frame prompts asking the bot to offer a short summary of a news development. This was not possible earlier. Sample prompt – “What were the main points from the Infertility Prevalence Estimates by WHO released in 2023? Summarise with a short paragraph and a list.”

Academic research

This can be a boon to millions of students and researchers. Thousands of research papers are available on the internet and researchers need to simply frame their prompts according to what they are looking for. For example, the prompt “Summarise the key findings of the latest research published in ‘Science’ last week on constraints on the Hubble constant from Supernova Refsdal’s reappearance. Give an answer in markdown” will offer a listicle of the key findings.

Personal stock market analyst

This could be the best use-case for harnessing the internet as users can now access real-time data. Users can frame prompts seeking trends based on the financial results of big corporations. Sample prompt: “Based on the latest financial results of (name of companies), how will their shares evolve in the next two weeks?” ChatGPT will browse the internet and come up with a short analysis of each company.

Article taken from Indian Express