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5 Must-Follow SEO Trends to Practice for Top Ranking In 2019

Every New Year comes up with several challenges for website owners and online marketers. With augmented reality and virtual reality emerging into the biggest world of digital marketing, it is essential to follow new SEO trends, and get well-prepared for the upcoming challenges before they become uncontrollable. 

Top digital marketing experts recommend following 5 SEO trends that help to effortlessly survive in the dynamic online landscape in 2019.

Featured Snippets Ranking

Featured snippets, also known as position zero, are gaining the increasing value as these appear at the top (above #1 position) in Google ranking. To appear naturally in featured snippets, write quality content as per searcher’s queries using relevant keywords with most-searched questions, formatted sub headers, and bulleted lists to organize the content.

 Mobile-First Indexing

Google crawlers rank a website in SERPs when find it mobile-friendly. If you don’t have a site with mobile-version, then take your desktop website mobile by including total responsive design. Optimize images, meta titles & descriptions, texts, mobile page loading speed, video, and all changing elements for mobile devices. Include URL’s mobile version in the domain used within structured data. 

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

GDPR is a regulation passed in the EU (European Union) to improve data privacy. It allows users to request a company and determine what personal details it has about them. Not only this, but they can also ask a company for correcting their data. Although GDPR is passed in EU, all global enterprises have to follow it.

Considering this, Google has also declared that users’ all personal data such as demographic details will get expire after 26 months from the day of its gathering. A website owner can modify this default duration, and also delete any portion as per user’s need. If you don’t have EU consumers, simply activate ‘do not automatically expire’ option. While if you have European users, update privacy policy file, review all data gathering sources, and activate IP anonymization (only when you use Google Tag Manager).

Voice Search

It is important to adapt voice search optimization as a vital SEO tactic in order to stay competitive. Reports of voice use survey show that large numbers of people today are using voice search on their mobile phones. 61% of people use voice commands such as OK Google, Hey Siri, etc. And, 41% of adults and 55% of teenagers use this feature multiple times a day.

To reach these audiences, start voice search optimization in the following ways -

As 46% of voice searchers find information for local businesses, it is essential to create a business listing with the use of local regional keywords.
Make your web pages or website mobile-responsive.

Create FAQ (frequently asked question) pages to rank for most searched facts.
As the number of voice search users will continue to increase in future, don’t exclude it from the list of proven SEO techniques.

Amazon Search

According to a great percentage of digital marketers, 2019 is estimated to be the year of Amazon Search Optimization. This is because Amazon is believed to be the Google of e-commerce. Study reports found that 51% of purchasers visit this platform after searching for some products at other places while 56% use Amazon initially for shopping. So, work on optimizing for Amazon with professional SEO services to use industry-relevant keywords, catchy & descriptive images, customers’ reviews, and product title & description.

AI Content

The advent of OpenAI's chat GPT has led to an increased utilization of the platform for content creation. Consequently, Google's algorithm is encountering challenges in distinguishing original content, yet it continues to prioritize human-generated content. Additionally, the rise of AI content has notably boosted the scalability of content production in recent years.

Want your website get easily found at the top on the search engine? Keep a complete focus on these 5 trends and include them in your strategies to rank at the top in 2019. All these trends will be golden SEO ticket.