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How to be a Strong and Different women!

"To Look Different" is the Desire in the mind of nearly every women, but one Group is not able to achieve what they think. While others achieve not only achieve for themselves but also inspire others! Off-course every Lady wants to be in the second category, but certain things make some Women unique from others.

Such Women are the Strong and Different Women. But to be a Different and inspiring woman is a Task everyone is not able to do. It requires the Courage of Heart and sturdiness in will-power. But to make this Easy we make a List of few things that will make a Women unique.
  • Knowledge:
                Under-estimating the famous proverb of "Knowledge is Power" many women have a dream in the eye to do something crazy. But the thing that stops them is the lack of knowledge about the things. But a Good Mind can raise a Question, "Why Knowledge is necessary when you everything in your phone? Knowledge is not a thing we gain as information but the things we gain from observations. Hence, for Becoming a strong woman, the getting the knowledge through the observation is the first step that makes "A Strong Women".

  • Implementation:
                 No matter how Extra-ordinary observer a Lady may become, but she is nothing until she implements her observations. This is called "The Art of Life." To be a strong Women, a Lady first has to observe the inabilities she had in her; then she should try to overcome these Difficulties by implementing her observations. The Journey from ordinary lady to a strong Lady can happen in Days or may occur in Months, and this Thing takes us to the next step.

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  • Patience:
               The Journey to become Resistant from all maladies of the society a woman should be patient. Also, in the journey of becoming Different, women should not Buckle even in those cases, where an Ordinary Lady gives up. But How to Develop Patience? Patience can be developed by a simple rule "Not paying attention to any of the Difficulty" This simple rule can remove a Lot of Problems in Life and build the patients in the women in such a way, she can be Proud of Herself.
  • Helping Others:
               This Point may seem awkward in an article giving suggestions to a woman on How to be Strong! But this is the thing that makes the ladies different from other. In the era of selfishness, there is a Need of women who should devote themselves to others work. This not only makes raise the society, but also the helping lady also gets internal energy, guide her life on a new path.
  • Believing in the abilities:
               In the Journey to becoming a Different and Strong woman, any mishap can occur, and eminent chances are there that the Lady may forget what she learned. This is called "Movement of Downfall." At this Movement, it is necessary to be confident on the abilities.

These are the five things that can convert an ordinary girl into an extra-ordinary Lady! But the Diligence is the key in all these things. If a girl continues her efforts to be strong, a day will come when she called her "Brave.”