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5 Best Street Style Trends for Women

Fashion, as they say, is here to stay. It has evolved with time and continues to be a rage among women and men. This is a language spoken and understood by everyone and a game played universally.  In fact, it is amazing to see how universal events throughout history have influenced the course of fashion. Whether it’s the women breaking away from the shackles and working for their livelihood and dressing casual and not so differently from men in the Victorian Era to Jackie Kennedy donning her pencil skirt in the glamorous fifties.

Somehow your fashion sense has a deep impact on your life. When you dress well you automatically outshine everyone. It may not just be about looks, but you do feel good when you dress well. Whether you are in your office or home, out on a date or clubbing with friends, you have to have your fashion game on point. Even dressing casual or tomboy requires fashion ethics.

“I have always believed that fashion was not only to make women more beautiful but also to reassure them, give them confidence.” 

– Yves Saint Laurent

We are living in 2020 and its cliché to label a certain style according to gender.  You can no longer flag a certain kind of fashion style as dull, boring or not feminine enough. Women of today know their fashion well and can carry flared pants as flawlessly as a little black dress.

When it comes to fashion, you have so many styles to adopt and experiment with. You have your Rocker chic style, Goth fashion, Geek, Grunge fashion, Boho chic, retro fashion then there are some classic looks that never go out style. Some trends plainly come with time, claim fame and leave. The others, the best ones, become a classic and keep making a mark every year and age.

There is one style in particular that encompasses them all. One fashion enigma that has its roots dug deep in the industry and worldwide. It is none other than the street style.  Not only it has evolved, but it has also surpassed every other style.  This style is fun, easy and comfortable. It is chic, it is trendy and it has originality written all over it.  Whether it is the street style from the streets of fashion capitals like Milan, London, and New York or from the colorful countries like India and Spain, this style is only going to get better with time.

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What makes street style so special? Well, the uniqueness lies in its individuality. This style needed no origin or a beginning, it has always been there. It can be said that it gained value and importance in the mid-1950s. It promotes individualism, it doesn’t follow any trend or culture or a particular style.
However, there are some favorites, some repeated classics under the street style that women absolutely love to flaunt.

1.Palazzo pants

These pants are a much more classy reincarnation of flared pants. Instead of simple flare around the ankles, the flare is right from the waist to ankles, giving you a beautiful lean look from your waist down. Don’t go by the wide-legged, loose and baggy appearance, they are made according to your comfort and style. They almost look like a long flared skirt with partition. These are already a hit on the streets and among the celebrities.  You want to dress for an outing and yet not step out in your pajamas, pick any summery shirt, tie a knot around your waist and wear these pants and you have your Milan spring collection ’19 right there.

2.Socks, Sneakers and Beyond

Street style is incomplete without athleisure. From pop stars to fashion bloggers, daily active wear is possibly the most loved attire. Who knew socks would become such a rage? They surprisingly are. From a basic essential to a fashion accessory, socks now evidently needs to be evident.

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Gone are the days when plain black or white socks used to worn day in and out. You name the style and design and you have the socks. They come in a range of colors and combinations. They are truly becoming an embellishment for your sneakers, which again, need no explanation. Sneakers are trendy and have evolved in such a way that they will look cool with your dungarees and even cooler with your skater dress.

3.Slouched Bags

From the streets of Europe to the ramps of major fashion weeks, these bags were seen everywhere. This trendy and chic bag is effortlessly cool. The bag has a small handle and a relaxed bend in the middle, which gives it a U shape. Carry your essentials in this bag and it will instantly bring out the fashionista in you.

4.Short Bangs

It is very rare to find a hairstyle that makes a woman look cute and bold as well. When it comes to hairstyles, short bangs can be carried whichever way you want to and change your entire look. Short bangs are back in the game and on the streets.


If this collection had a ranking, this classic piece of clothing would have, without a doubt, stood first. The love for hoodies is eras old and the fondness for this comfortable apparel is only growing stronger. Not only it comes in a variety of designs, shades, and styles you can wear it all year round. A hoodie can be worn anywhere and it is a fashion statement on its own.