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Simple Perfume Guide will Enhance Your Natural Beauty

When you are surrounded by too many fragrances, it can become rather confusing for you as well as for your nose to find the right scent. Read ahead to know how to try and buy perfume. 

Perfumes are very pleasant as well as complicated things. They can make you feel relaxed and pampered in a single whiff. However, when it comes to purchasing a perfume it is not even close to being easy. When you are surrounded by too many fragrances, it can become rather confusing for you as well as your nose to find the right scent. Seeing all those aisles flooded with eau de parfum, eau de toilette, and colognes of different brands, fragrances, families, notes and price tags, it is overwhelming for one to stick to one. When it comes to buying international perfume, there are three types of people:

  • One, who know what they want and will just enter the store and grab the perfume, make the payment will leave before anyone can even blink their eyes. These are the ones who have been using the same scent forever, and do not wish or like to change.
  •      Second, the forever confused ones who will enter the store with bunch of friends. Try all the perfumes, on their arms, friends arms, sales assistant’s arms and after trying even 20-30 perfumes, they will choose anything their friend and Sales assistant will suggest because they want this entire perfume shopping spree to end.
  • Third, the well informed ones who will research about their choices and will stick to it. These are the ones who will try specific fragrance categories and buy the one suitable to their style. 

 All these people seem to be sorted in their choices, but they all, apart from the first one who certainly do not want to change their perfume, are making the same mistake – trying too many perfumes while looking for one. Although it looks like a very harmless practice but it is not the right way to choose fragrances. When you sniff one too many perfumes let’s say, more than 3-4 fragrances at the same time, your olfactory senses tend to become confused and are unable to distinguish between different fragrances. All the fragrances will start smelling the same at this point. 

Also, wearing a perfume on someone else’s hands is another practice which one should avoid. A perfume comes to life on skin, when it merges with your pheromones. So, when you apply it on someone else’s hands, it will depict a scent merged with their body odour along with the notes of the fragrances. This is the reason why you loved the fragrances when your friend showed it on their hands and hated it once you were at home and tried it on yourself. 

To help you in your search for a perfect fragrance without any hassle, here is a simple guide to try, test and smell fragrances before you make the purchase. 

Test with blotters:

Instead of directly using your skin or your fiend’s hand, you should try to use blotters. This can be your initial point of smelling different scent. Spray the perfume on the blotting paper, let it air and then bring it close to your nose smelling naturally and not forcefully. Do remember to take breaks in between 3-4 perfume to avoid getting overwhelmed. Since the perfume need some heat to release its true nature, you need to give it a few seconds to air to reveal the true notes.

Test on your skin:

Once you have decided on few perfumes from the larger lot, applying on skin and testing them over here can be your next step to understand the true nature of perfume. This will also help you to understand whether the perfume will suit your pheromones and how it will evolve on your skin. While trying it on your skin, you must wash your hand first to remove any dirt or previous fragrant product. 

Spray twice on your hand from a distance and let it dry naturally. Do not smell or rub after spraying since you will get alcohol and strong pungent notes at this time or might damage the fragrance molecules. Now, inhale the perfume without touching or bringing it too close to your nose. You will be able to understand the notes properly this way. To try every other perfume, make sure to clean your hand first. Also avoid using fragrant soap to clean your hand.

These two ways are sure shot way to understand the perfume’s true nature, its scent and its evolution on your skin before buying it. In case you are buying online perfume fragrance, you can order testers and follow these steps. Make sure to take out time to try the perfumes. It takes time to choose that one perfect bottle of fragrance, which will give you the breath taking fragrance.