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Top 4 Information Technology Jobs

Want to take up an IT career? Trying to determine which IT jobs are popular and will remain in great demand in the coming years? Well, let’s help you in this, so that it becomes easier for you to apply for computer jobs once you finish your relevant IT course. This article provides you the list of top 4 IT jobs in the country which offer everything that every young professionals look forward to in their career: good pay package, high employment rates, and growth opportunities. The list is compiled based on the IT hiring trends followed in recent time.

Software Engineer

When it comes to IT jobs in India, software engineers are always in demand. In fact, taking up engineering course with specialization in computer science is always been a trend in the country. The country has seen many technological advancements over the years as more and more new software are coming up. Also, as more and more computer systems and software get into new industries, services and devices, the need of software engineers will continue to increase. Needless to say, there will be a continuous requirement of software engineers who can build innovative, secure and scalable software programs.

Mobile Application Developer

According to a recent research report on job market, mobile application developers will witness a growth of 31% during the period 2016-2026, creating a host of new jobs. This is one of the fastest growing job opportunities globally, including India. With the increase of the usage of smart phones and tablets, there has been a continuous increase in the demand for new mobile apps. In fact, there has been more openings for mobile app developers as compared to the number of skilled developers filling the position. So, an aspirant interested to take up IT jobs in India should try to learn skills of mobile app developing to get sure-shot jobs in this field.

Video Game Designer

Video game designers or developers are another type of IT jobs showing a great demand in recent time. In fact, the gaming industry is a $100+ billion dollar industry,and globally the size of this industry has increased three-fold over the last decade. In India too, this industry is an upcoming one with the popularity of computer and console games, including games on mobile devices. Hence, there has been a great number of job avenues for video game designers, developers, and programmers. IT jobs in game designinghas also emerged from increasing demand for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications.

IT Security Specialist

Security has always been a priority concern for IT professionals. This has become all the more important in recent time with increase in the number of cyber-attacks. Every year, therefore, you will come across IT jobs for IT Security Specialist. This field is a new entrant in the IT job market. Hence, IT professionals can try to advance their cyber security skills for a progressive IT career. As an IT security specialist, jobs are available to maintain security in IT operations, mobile device security, information assurance security, risk management, network and cloud security and so on.