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Best Adult Birthday Party Ideas That'll Make Extra Fun

Birthday makes you older by age only. It keeps on adding years to your age, but you merely feel worried for that. We all grow through stages in our lives. From infancy to childhood to adolescence to pre-teen to teenage and finally to adulthood- it is a long journey of 18 years. In every age, the celebration type varies. Here is a list of birthday party ideas as you cross the bar of 18 years of age and how to make it funnier.

1) Group Cooking

Cooking is one of those measuring points where people judge you. Once you cook something to someone, they start considering you as an adult. If you are spending your 18th birthday with your family members, this is the perfect thing to do to make them believe you have grown up. You don’t have to cook something very heavy and main course, something like the snacks and starter will also work. Your beloved family members will love to make the day special by making your favorite dishes. Make them have their space in the kitchen, but share your hand along with them. This will make them feel hoe responsible you have grown. Do not forget to Buy birthday cake.

2) Potluck

Potluck is again about cooking and food only. This is the best birthday celebration idea with the friends of same age. On this celebration idea, you and all your friends who are gathering are to bring food whatever they can cook. But it gets exciting when you set a rule for everyone to bring/cook food representing various countries. So, the multiple cuisines will make your birthday table full of taste and delicious delicacies. That will be the best birthday ever for you.

3) Fast food party

 As New Year is the day of making resolutions; your birthday is the day of breaking all resolutions. And when it is your 18th birthday party that turns you to an adult, it has to be special. As you are choosing sometime to celebrate with your friends; you must make it a fast food party. You can order from all the renowned fast food brands that are available in your city. From KFC to MacD to Burger King- all must be there on your birthday plate. If you are more a family person, the same you can arrange with your cousins as well.

4) Make Games Day

Games are the best part of the parties when you are celebrating an event or a day. Your 18th birthday has to be something great. As you are inviting all your friends, it should be funnier to have some games.  Some childhood games like Dumb’s words and chic let would be amazing. But as you have grown up, some cards games will also be great. Uno cards, bridge and rummy will be good choices to start off your adulthood party. Order birthday gift online to make your birthday boy/girl feel special.

5) Carting

Carting is the short and fair form of racing. You can get this ride on any amusement park around. These are small covered areas with a number of cars inside. Here each car will carry one passenger where you have to crush to the other cars in a friendly way. This will be a fun activity with your friends. You cannot drive a car unless you are an adult. So, this can be a good start of your driving history on your 18th birthday with your beloveds.

6) Beach Party

Birthday party on the beach takes your birthday celebration to some other level. There will be water, beach and party that will be of great enjoyment. But it is a very good idea if your birthday is in fall or in winter. In summer, a beach party is a bad option. You can have fun in the water as well with tube swimming and snorkeling as well.

7) Do something new

When you turn an adult, an adventurous life lies ahead of you. You just got the license to explore more about yourself and the world. Your 18th birthday is the ticket for your world ride. Start it off with doing something new and exciting. Paragliding or bungee-jumping will be good ideas to try.

Being an adult is an amazing feelings that comes only once in your life. Make sure you enjoy the adrenaline ride properly with the above ideas.