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How To Buy The Best Longboard – Step By Step Guide

More and more people are getting into longboard riding as a part of a recent trend.

It is basically a long-sized skateboard.

Besides the size difference, the wheels of this type of skateboards are softer and wider than the usual ones. These features make a longboard the perfect tool to begin with before switching to a traditional skateboard.

But first, you’ll have to choose your style and then buy a longboard suit you.This step by step guide about How to Buy a Perfect Longboard will help you in making the right choice.

Considerations Before Buying Longboard

Before actually buying a Long Skateboard or a longboard, you will have to sort few things out in your minds. Just be sure to get the following things in the right order and your thought process right before you actually make the purchase.

Determine Your Skill Level and Riding Style

It is imperative for riders to assess their own skills before leaping into purchasing the best longboard for them. Determine how often do you ride and for how long.

The length of your board, the flex it has, and additional details will vary depending on your persona and riding styles.

Yes, it is true.

For example, if you want the longboard for campus riding, the wheels will have to be suitable for concrete. Typical streets require standard skateboards for slightly sloped roads.

Areas which are hilly and have steep roads will require you to maintain your posture. Longboards with tough wheels and aerodynamic design will aid you in this case.

Lighter Longboard will be suitable for freeriding. It will require greater control over yourselves and the speed of the board.

If you aren’t experienced enough, I’ll suggest you not to try this at the beginning.

Get the Price Sorted Out

It is an essential thing to do before you actually explore the market.

Once you know which type of rider you are and what is the board that you want for your ride, you need to set a price. There are a lot of longboards that will fit your description and skill level.

The impetus should be given to your budget and balancing the features, their benefits, and your wallet.

There are dozens of Longboard on Amazon starting from $$, but to get a decent Longboard you should at least have a budget of $$.

Make the Choice

If you are certain about your riding style and your budget, here comes the big decision!

Will you go for a complete model?

Or will you craft your own Longboard using various parts that are sold in the marketplaces?

In my opinion, custom-made longboards work better as you can fine-tune your choices according to your style and funds.

But if you are not expert of don’t go for the hassle, you can just get a ready-made complete model available on Amazon.

Interested in custom-made  longboard?

Let me give you some insights about what to look for and where to look in terms of different parts of the Longboard you are about to buy. 

Choose the Longboard Deck

The first step of your longboard buying guide instruction is to choose a deck that best suits you. I’d advice to look into the build material of the deck.

The most common type of wood used in the making is maple.

You can choose this if you want a thick and resistant longboard which can serve you for years to come.

Carving and Cruising require to have flex on the board. Bamboo is a good choice for them as it offers flexibility and comfort.

Furthermore, a lightweight bamboo-made longboard is great when you are carrying it over to some place.

If you are experienced in longboard riding, you can go to carbon-fiber  boards. These are lighter than the first two. Also, you will be able to start off much faster than the others.

Carbon fiber makes longboards which can turn and pull off complex moves rather easily than others.

Go for the Right Longboard Truck

Longboard Trucks are pieces, which go under the board and stabilize it when you are riding.

These are wider than your standard skateboard trucks.

Based on how you ride and what you use your longboard for, you’ll have to decide on your trucks.

You will need two trucks for a board.

The main thing to look into here is the hanger width. For standard longboards with 9” deck or wider, you’ll need 180mm hanger.

If you are into cruising and carving, a standard 150mm hanger will do well for you.

As far as the base plate of the truck is concerned, usually the higher the angle of the base plate, the more it will turn. With that in mind, you will do well to choose a 50-degree baseplate for cruising and carving.

The angle will make it easy for you to twist and turn around the narrow space. For a downhill rider, 44-degree baseplate along with 180mm deck is a good combination.

Choose the right set of Wheels

You will have to choose between wheels of different shapes, sizes and hardness depending upon your riding styles.

For city riding, choose softer wheels to navigate through rough roads with pebbles. Regular wheels with decent hardness are good for people who are just coming into longboarding.

Hardest wheels are meant for pro riders.

The shape of the wheel also matters. There are those with rounded lips. You can try those wheels with the longboard if you are into cruising or carving. Rounded-edge wheels slide easily.

For racing purposes, you can try straight-edge wheels as these are less prone to grip but facilitate speed.

Choosing the best Longboard Bearing

The next step in this Longboard Buying Guide is to select the ideal bearing for the board. To compare the bearings and choose the right one for your longboard, look them up in ABEC rating.

The rating has 5 categories as 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9. Choosing a high rating will result in wheels being speedy.

However, you will lose control over them.

ABEC 3 and 5 ratings signify bearings, which are decent in speed and rolling capacity. They cost very little.

However, ABEC 9 bearings tend to make the longboard speedy and be precise. It is suitable for downhill riding.

Lastly, Select the Ideal Mounting Hardware

The locknuts and risers are important little tools to define your longboard. You can also mark the front end of the longboard with them. Select between different lengths of hardware with or without riser to suit your needs and the assistant you might need. You will have to choose eight bolts and locknuts for your board.

Final Words

As I come to the end of my Longboard Buying Guide, I’d have to say fine tuning your board is a bit tough. But as a longboard enthusiast, I’ve tried to suggest you the best metrics and options to choose from when buying and assembling different parts.

You can check our list of best long boards here. We reviewed dozens of longboards to help you choosing the best one.

Best of luck to you in terms of buying parts and assembling your own longboard. Crafting your own ride is a fun experience!