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The Common Oral Problem Orthodontic Treatment Can Solve

Dental or oral health problems are never any fun. The good news is that there are several ways to prevent this problem. Proper care here is the trick to keep away the problems. You have to brush twice a day, floss daily, and maintain a healthy diet to prevent the problems. To prevent the problems, you must update yourself with the common dental problems, their causes, and the prevention techniques. Just know that educating yourself about the common orthodontic problems will go a long way to ensure prevention.

In most cases, people imaging orthodontic treatment to be an aesthetic procedure, designed to improve the appearance of the crooked smile. However, when you consult the right specialist, with enough experience through orthodontic continuing education, you will learn that orthodontics can offer more than just transforming your teeth. Orthodontic treatment can tackle a number of other problems that you certainly do not consider. For example, did you have any clue before that poorly aligned teeth could have an impact on your speech?

Poorly Aligned Teeth and Speech Problems

Speech impediment is a common problem that tags along with poorly aligned teeth. It can cause problems like mispronouncing words, lisping, or slurring of words. Misaligned teeth could also lead to problems like whistling when talking. However, you should know that the main causes of speech impediment problems are having overbites, or problems like an overjet, which could result in buck teeth. To ensure that you pronounce words appropriately, it is also essential that your teeth bite well together.

When it comes to pronunciations, it is highly important that the teeth bite properly together. When they bite well, this helps to create a seal and it allows the tongue to swallow well and sit in the roof of the mouth. However, if you have an overjet or overbite, the tongue creates the seal instead of the teeth, which leads to a speech impediment. Another cause of speech-related disorders result from an underbite or a crossbite as well as cases where there isn’t enough room for the tongue to create the right sounds.

If you have poorly aligned teeth, it is important that you consult a specialist who has gone through Gerety Orthodontic Seminars and other courses or programs in orthodontics to stay up to date with the latest changes.

Who is Prone to Have Speech Impediment Problems?

In some cases, speech impediment problems or disorders occur as inherited problems. It could be that your parents or siblings grew up with misaligned teeth, or have the tendency to mumble or lisp. If this is the case, there’s a chance that your kids will also have the same problems. On the other hand, you need to know that other factors could affect the alignment of the teeth as well as their proper development. Sometimes, children using pacifiers for more than the first few years of their life are at a higher risk. Others like thumb sucking and finger sucking beyond the age of three also affect the development of children’s jaw and teeth.

The reason behind this is because thumb sucking could lead to the upper jaw elongating, and it will pull in outwards or become narrower. The children who such their thumb are always at a higher risk of developing buck teeth and their teeth will not fit properly. At such times, you have to know how to deal with buck teeth properly.

With orthodontic problems, your speech is not the only thing at risk, you could experience other health problems that misaligned teeth cause and orthodontic treatment will be beneficial. An expert with enough experience from orthodontic continuing education seminars will be able to guide you well.

The Warning Signs That Need Orthodontic Care

The first warning sign is when you have crooked teeth, or the signs of the teeth becoming crooked. They will appear significantly misaligned and they may be affecting your dental health and speech. In a normal case, when biting the teeth have to fit well together. The upper teeth may be outside slightly than the lower teeth, regardless of how they appear, when they do not fit nicely; you have to consult a specialist.

Furthermore, poorly aligned teeth will lead to rotated, overcrowded or twisted teeth, and they will not be able to function well. Furthermore, any other problems with misaligned teeth could lead to more problems like malocclusions. In this case, your teeth will not be able to fit well. This can hinder you from chewing meals and affect your health.

The Orthodontic Treatment

When you have such problems related to your speech, the best approach for you is to seek orthodontic treatment from specialists, who have orthodontic CE. The possible solution is to wear braces. This helps to get the teeth back to their straight and original position. You can have the traditional wired braces or clear aligners like Invisalign. No matter the type of oral health problem you have, you should consult an experienced orthodontist in your area.