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10 Pieces of Advice to Follow Before Locating to Your New Home

Last year, my sister was looking for a furnished apartment in Toronto, and I helped her to get one. Since she was away so she can’t move in to fix her new home, do the cleaning, paint the walls and ameliorate it according to her needs.

So, I took up the responsibility and performed a list of tasks at her new home which I would love to share with you and don’t want you to miss if you’re also locating to a new location.

1. Replace the Locks

As soon as you’ve received the new keys to your home, call a locksmith and ask him to replace all the locks. This is important because the old residents have the keys to your home and if you don’t replace it you might get in some thefts. So, the quicker you install the new locks, the sooner you’ll receive your peace of mind.

2. Declutter your House

Well, everyone is not kind enough to leave the decluttered house for you. Even if they do, you still must make an effort for your satisfaction. If in case, there’s no time to perform the cleaning, hire the service to do the job for you. And if you can manage yourself then start with the floor cleaning, washing cabinets, plumbing fixtures, mowing the garden and brooming the walls.

3. Paint the Walls

Before placing the furniture in your new home, it’s important that you filter out the defects on the wall. If there’s a crack, dry paint, water leakage or damaged walls - call a service provider and ask them to amend for you. Choose a natural and light color for your walls and paint it solely. If you want some texturing or patterns on the wall, you can also add before you start organizing the things inside.

4. Organize

Many Yorkville condos for sale suffer from closets that have a simple shelf. Even some of the closets aren’t stuffed in the right place. Take a round of your house and find the best place to fit your closet which doesn’t load the home and widen the spaces. Think about your furniture and plan the settings accordingly. Remember to adjust it in a way that it seems pleasing and enjoyable rather than overloaded.

5. New Sockets

Often when the old residents left the home, they don’t care about the faulty sockets and the dirty switch plates. So, it’s your call to check if all the sockets are functioning well and aren’t giving an incessant look of the wall. If some of the sockets seem damaged, replace it to save yourself from the pitfalls later.

6. Window Treatments

There’s always something you want on windows to secure your privacy or furnish the look. So, when you’re making the shift don’t neglect the windows of your home. Later, after some time you can choose a more personalized option.

7. Service the Mechanical Equipment

As soon as you get your new house, hire someone to clean the mechanical equipment like heating and cooling systems. Because if it stops functioning in the middle of the season, you’d face a challenge in getting the technician available immediately. In this context, you can also ask your neighbor to recommend you the best services in the town which they have tried or tested. If you level up the maintenance right after starting the living, you can save the cost that can be incurred if the equipment malfunctions.

8. Know the Safety Tips

Every home association or locality follows some safety tips to stay miles away from the dangers. The home you’re moving in should also have some safety advice like avoiding specific areas or people in the locality. So, before you locate to your new home interact with the neighborhood and explore about the people in the surroundings. This will help you to judge either your area is a safe place to live or not. Also know the emergency exits that you’ll require in case of fire, floods or earthquakes. Be Careful!

9. Fix the Water Issues

If there’s any leaky toilet or roof in your new home, immediately fix it. If you ignore it, it can become troublesome to fix especially when you have moved the furniture. Even if there’s a minor leakage take the note because continuous leakage can harm your internal structure in the long term. Check everything thoroughly even your roof and the garden. 

10. Clear Gutters

The previous homeowners might be trashing organic materials in the gutters, you never know. If that’s the case your gutters will soon start rotting and bursting out and in the rainy season, it will become a disaster. To save your huge efforts in the end, spend 30 mins to clear the gutters before you settle in. Don’t Procrastinate!

If you’re Buying a Condo

The above tips also apply to the condo and the best thing about the condo is that you can’t only furnish it but also design it to your needs. Especially the condos for sale in Toronto under 250k looks superb when they are designed and decorated. To surprise you more, the small spacing in the condo never limit its designing but in fact, there are ways that can help you widen the spaces.

I hope now you’re ready to locate in your new home. Make sure you don’t forget to follow the above tips to make your living comfortable, organized and enjoyable.

With all the tips and tricks, I wish you good luck to settle in your new home.