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Questions to Ask While Choosing Refrigeration Repairs Service Provider

The fridge which is failing to provide cooling for the food stocked in it is a nightmare, irrespective of the quantity stocked in it. Some fridges have been with families for so long that the family feels bereft. Some feel cheated when a newly bought fridge stops working. But whether it is old or new, the fridge has to be restored to service with immediate effect.

The questions that arise are:

  • Is the fridge within the warranty period?
  • What is wrong with the fridge?
  • Do I need a new fridge or will changing some parts do the trick?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Who is the best person to call?

Let’s elaborate -

Is the fridge within the warranty period?

If the fridge is in the warranty period, see what the warranty offers. If the trouble falls within the ambit of the warranty the refrigeration repairs service will come for free, the company will repair it. If it is out of the warranty period, it is still a good idea to call the company’s repairing unit. This unit will know the parts of the fridge at its best. They will also use spare parts bought from the company.

What is wrong with the fridge?

Whether you ask the local repairman or the refrigeration repairs company to fix the problem of your fridge, the mechanic should explain to you clearly and in simple language what is wrong.

Do I need a new fridge or will changing of some parts do the trick?

If the man is qualified and experienced, he will be able to guide you. In some cases, major work needs to be done. At other times, it suffices that a part is changed. If only a part has to be changed, it could probably be done then and there. If major repairs are to be carried out, it may be necessary to take the fridge to the workshop.

Fridges are made of different parts that are installed and put together to keep the foods fresh. Only in very rare cases everything will go out of order all at once. So unless you feel you want to buy a new fridge, it is easy to change a specific malfunctioning part. This is much cheaper than buying a new fridge.

In case the repairs cost nearly as much as a new gadget, it is a better bargain to buy a new fridge. A new fridge will come with a warranty whereas the repaired old fridge is likely to need repairs again. The charges for this will come out of your pocket whereas the warranty will cover the cost of repairs to a new fridge.

How much will it cost?

A major worry arises when a gadget stops working, is the cost of repair. This is especially true when the gadget has outlived its warranty. The mechanic should give you a written estimate of the charges. Do not settle for verbal communication. It could be misleading. The estimate should specify the labor charges, service charges, and the cost of the parts. Make sure you discuss the costing of refrigeration repairs beforehand.  The taxes and other inclusions should also be clearly mentioned.

Who is the best person to call?

A qualified, trained individual is the best person to call if your fridge is not working. If the person is not attached to or authorized by a refrigeration repairs company, then you should check his personal and technical credentials.

The safest booking is to make the order online. Many refrigeration repairing companies have an online appointment booking system.  The mechanic should come to your house at a time that is suitable for you. In the case of a fridge, the most convenient appointment would be one for the same day.

The technician should be licensed and insured so that the blame does not fall on you if he meets with an accident on the job. Lastly, he should give a guarantee for the work and specify the time period for the guarantee.

With all these questions in your checklist, you should be able to find the right refrigeration repairs service provider for repairing the refrigerator.