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The Ultimate Guide in Beach House Planning, Constructing, and Design

A beach house is certainly a gorgeous escape from the busy streets of the city, waking up every morning to beautiful horizons and cool breezes. Plenty of research nowadays found out that spending time by the beach is beneficial for our wellbeing. According to the Journal of Health Place, those who live particularly by the coast have better physical and mental health than those who don’t. This is why so many people positively respond to the clean lines, hues, and genuine parts of the coastal, beach, and nautical decor. It naturally creates a good feeling since it reminds us of the sea.

What is Beach House/ Nautical Decor?

Nautical decor is basically a design that brings forth the sea and all its related elements. It’s simply how coast and the open water are actually manifested within a home and it comes with a broad design arc.

It can be conveyed in calm, minimal spaces, also with rustic and collected homes. A beach home normally comes with muted color schemes heartened by driftwood and sea glass as well as crisp, high-contrast colors that express a racing ship. You can find your personal design by doing some exploration within the wide range of expression in nautical decor.

Basic Components of Exterior Beach Design
  1. Paneling (beader-board)
  2. One huge roof
  3. Big glass windows and doors
  4. Light weathered woods
  5. Cedar shingle siding
  6. Rough-hewn stone structures
Basic Components of Interior Beach Design
  1. Nautical-inspired decor
  2. Bright and fresh/airy
  3. White Backdrop (Color choices from sand, surf and shells)
  4. Decor fabricated from natural fibers and organic materials
  5. Wicker tools
  6. Rattan furniture and beds with a natural oak frame
  7. Window coverings
Specific Design Features

The most significant elements of beach styles are an open and breezy feel that seems similar to being at the beach for the day. The room should be bright and it will need a whole lot of light in the room which would result from natural lighting as opposed to anything artificial.

The room is filled with plenty of windows with just a small amount covering so most of the light comes through. A type of crispiness is seen to the design elements that are still going to be light colored and airy, such as light blues and a lot of white. Natural elements including bamboo are heavily used in most rooms or white wood furniture that helps to gravitate the attention more to the lightness of everything.

Decorating a Nautical Wall

Notice how our brain gets the right kind of rest when looking out at the water? This is because there is enough visual stimulus to keep a person interested but not to the manner that it becomes distracting or draining. A nautical decor should also have that similar effect. You want to make sure that the walls are dazzling, but not giving too much diversion.

You may want to enlarge your beach house decor aside from photographs, paintings, and prints. You can try mounting a brass ship bell on the wall, or a vintage nautical flag, and a knot display that showcases personality and depth.

Beach Home Decor Accessories

Aside from having lots of windows inside the room, the goal is to be able to see the outdoors and experience the beach. On the other hand, seashells, the sand, and bamboo (natural color palette) are paired with some floral pieces and nautical accents to create a fun and refreshing atmosphere.

To really pull off a nautical theme into your beach house or room, use wainscoting styles, picket fence style decors, and anchor accents. Also if you prefer using bolder colors, you can settle with deep blues, for the most part, to go well with the more nautical side of the beach theme. Things around the house are going to be focused on an under the sea theme that either uses pictures of various sea elements or even actual representations.

Coastal Bedroom Decor

The seashore fits well in a vintage coastal bedroom, meshing objects and folk art. Carefully layer stripes, plaids, and check patterns that greatly reflect the maritime and keep the room lively.

Coastal Kitchen Design

Keeping in mind of anything that appeals to nautical decor will have a focused and undiluted home design, away from unnecessary elements. Mindfully curate your home by evoking the sea without being overt.

Coastal Outdoor Decor

The colors, textures, and patterns you’ll use in your outdoor living areas are important just like your interior areas. Of course, nature and natural elements are the focus of any open-air space but lanterns, oars, or sailboat decor adds up to nautical design home.

Coastal Bathroom Design

Bathrooms usually have smaller spaces so try to put a little restraint and avoid going overboard with all sorts of beach-y accessories. Instead, try to pick some solid and reasonable items such as whale tail hooks and fishing hook hardware.

The great thing with smaller spaces is homeowners are able to use the wall as a design element more effortlessly compared to a large room.

On the Note

The basic element of having a beach home design is nature. Put in mind that nature plays a big role in coastal decors. The life in the sea and its vegetation can be represented in found objects, photographs, and sculpture. Color is a major component of a beach home design with blue, as the unsurprisingly primary influence. Blue is the most associated color to water and has interrelations of depth, power, and serenity. Wood is the material that’s heavily used in beach homes. Ropes, maps, graphic flags, metallics, brass, and other mechanical ship elements that will evoke the beach side.

Take note that a “beach” design is not a theme. It’s more of a design influence that reflects the enjoyment and rejuvenation of time spent on the beach. Make sure that you finish off your space with references to natural elements.