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Water Leaks: Types, Threats, Causes And Importance

Water is life indeed. It can be life-threatening within minutes that’s a fact too. Imagine a person slipping on a wet floor and injuring himself/herself badly! Well, this is not the only way water can be a threat. If you are a property owner you must have faced a situation there water was the culprit. The reasons water damages deserve our dire concerns are important.

Keep your loved ones safe in case of water flooding (due to water leaks) and then pay attention to the house infrastructure. House interiors, exteriors, and roof are equally vulnerable to water damages. Hire professionals to deal with flood damage in Alexandria VA.

Why Fast Water Mitigation Is Important?

In case of residential water leaks, home experts suggest beginning water cleanup within the first 24 hours. Let us look at those scary reasons why fast water mitigation is important. In case of floods, you should follow the instructions provided by local authorities and only step out when allowed to do so.
  • Mold And Mildew
Water retention for more than a day can promote mold growth. This is one of the most feared consequences of water damage. The rot can cause serious health hazards, is difficult to get rid of and affects indoor air quality. It is unpleasant to look at and seriously affects the aesthetic appeal of a property.
  • Stubborn Musty Odors
Molds and mildews can grow in hidden places and give off a musty odor. Its removal is not an easy deal. The funky smells linger even for weeks in case you failed to dry out the house completely.
  • Contamination
If the leaking water is dirty and contaminated, its infusion in household items can impregnate them too. Water-Borne diseases can spread and pose serious health hazards.
  • Appliance Damage
The retained water can ruin expensive appliances. The laptops, computers, TVs, mobiles, HVAC system, plugs, and vacuums are all at risk. The sensitive electric circuits are short-circuited and you would have to invest in appliance repairs.
  • Shocks And Electrocutions
Not just the appliance repair, you are at the risk of electric shocks. The worst scenario is the electrocutions. In the beginning, homeowners are advised to switch the main power supply prior to freely walking in the home. Efficient drying must be ensured before you use appliances.
  • Cracked And Chipped Paint
The silent water leaks and floods ruin the paint jobs. Cracked and chipped paint is often considered as the indication of any underlying leak. Exterior paints can withstand chipping for longer periods of time than the interior paints.
  • Weakened Infrastructure
The soggy walls and wood articles of the house are weakened. The damp walls are prone to falling in the worst cases. If the water reaches the foundation, it can weaken the whole infrastructure. Driveways, patios, decks, roofs, and floors are vulnerable to damages.
  • Wastage Of Water
One important fact we often overlook is that water, an important resource, is wasted. It is estimated that 10,000 gallons of water per year is lost in an average US home due to leaks.

Only a 1/8 inches crack can release up to 250 gallons a day.

What Are The Categories Of Water Leaks?

Experts categorize water damages according to the level of contamination in leaked water. the contaminants can be physical, chemical or biological in nature.
  • Clean Water- Category 1
Clean water contains a negligible number of contaminants and is considered safe as it poses nearly no health concerns. For instance, overflowing kitchen sinks and open faucets.
  • Grey Water – Category 2
Grey water contains a significant number of contaminants. The greyish color is due to the various chemicals and debris which can be a food source of microorganisms. Microbes associated with serious water-borne diseases might be lurking category 2 water.
  • Black Water – Category 3
The black water poses the greatest threat as it is grossly contaminated. It has dirt, debris, bacteria, and fungi. Sewage water is considered black water. It must be dealt with extreme care and inhabitants should leave the area during cleaning procedures.

Common Causes For Water Leaks
Following are the most common culprits of water infiltration. They can be catastrophic depending on the amount of water being leaked.
  1. Rains and storms
  2. Roof damages
  3. Burst plumbing pipes
  4. Corroded toilet supply lines
  5. Leaky washing machines
  6. Kitchen sinks
  7. Hot water tanks
  8. Irrigation system failure
  9. Broken hoses
  10. Leaky skylights
  11. Broken windows
A Word On Restoration Costs

Water damages can be expensive to deal with. most of the homeowners get their homes insured for flood/water damages. It is the second most filed insurance claim in the USA. You might have to spend thousands of dollars in complete restoration.

For reliable water mitigation in VA, call professional flood damage experts and dry it out!