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How to Choose the Right Portable Restroom for Weddings?

As the wedding season starts, people start searching for the best location for their big day. While some prefer hosting their wedding in a resort, others prefer an outdoor location that is surrounded by beautiful lush greenery. Another group of people may consider some other location type. But in the process of booking their dream wedding venue, some people often overlook the most crucial element that should be present at the wedding venue.  That element is portable restrooms!

If you want to be a good host who wants to provide the best for their guests throughout the wedding, then renting a spacious and fully-functional portable restroom is a must. Over the years, the demand for portable luxury restrooms has increased significantly in Orange County and other parts of the USA, especially for weddings and other special events. A basic restroom should not be on your list because it will not match the event type and requirements. If you don’t want to go wrong with portable restrooms selection, then you should choose a luxury restroom or a trailer.

Endless Options for Every Event Type

When it comes to luxury portable restrooms, many think that they are costly. Though the cost of luxury restrooms and trailers are comparatively high, they are available in different price range and options. You can find a luxury restroom that can easily fit different budgets and requirements. Some restroom trailers have been exclusively designed to give your guests the “at home” experience. If you don’t plan to compromise with your guests’ comfort, then ask yourself the following four questions.

1. How Many Guests Are Coming?

The number of restrooms available should always be sufficient for the number of guests present at the event. After all, no one would like to see a long line in front of the restroom, especially at events like a wedding. If you have already sent out the wedding invitations and are sure of the number of guests attending it, then hire an ample number of portable restrooms keeping in mind the number of attendees. You can also rent a bigger luxury restroom trailer that has two different cabins for people. It will reduce the line and save space.

2. How Long Will The Party Last?

If you’re not a fan of long weddings, then a few standard portable restrooms can also serve the purpose. However, if you have a long list of activities planned for your D-day, then be sure to rent enough portable restroom trailers with the best facilities for the comfort of all your guests.

3. Does The Venue Have A Strategic Location?

Having enough space at the wedding venue is a necessity. Else, you will end up placing the restrooms near the dining area or section where people are chilling out with their drinks. Trust us, none of your guests are going to like such restroom placements. So, make sure that the venue has enough space near the area where the main wedding activities are taking place. Always make sure to get them placed at a distance from the main area. Now, depending on the space available, you will have to ask the portable restroom providers whether they have the perfectly sized trailer or not.

4. What Facilities Comes With the Portable Restrooms?

It is a no brainer that guests are going to come well-groomed wearing expensive clothes and accessories. We’re sure they wouldn’t like to use a very basic portable restroom that lacks space and facilities while wearing their best clothes. You should check what facilities are being offered with the portable restrooms. Go ahead with the one that offers continuous water supply, ample space, proper lighting, temperature control features, comes squeaky clean, and also has a baby changing station.

In Conclusion

Your guests and their comfort should be your top priority. You ask yourself all the four questions shared-above to make the best decision. You should also ensure that the installed portable restroom is spruced up a little to match the wedding decoration. Decorating the exterior of the restroom with flowers can be an option. You can ask your wedding decorator to get it done for you.

In a nutshell, luxury portable restrooms that provide maximum facilities should be considered for your wedding. They will eliminate any possible chances of people complaining about the restroom arrangements. If you’re feeling overwhelmed seeing so many options, then you can take recommendations from both the portable restrooms provider and the concerned person of the wedding venue. You can set a budget and make a list of the essentials that you want in the restrooms.

A wise decision will be to reach multiple portable restroom providers for a quote. Depending on the price and facilities, you can go ahead with the one that offers the best deal.