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SEO: The Thing Which will Make you a Future Brand

Digital Marketing is converging more and more in lives and their signs are splurged in the way we are shopping, hiring someone for fixing our pipes to taking a cab and more. Impact of it is so major that about changing market dynamics become incomprehensible.

Everyday a new trend pops up suddenly on the face of the world, and we all start preparing for the same to get maximum leverage as much as possible. As a leading provider of SEO service in Delhi NCR, what majorly has caught our attention lately is the hyper awareness about SEO. SEO services are changing the B2B market, they are erupting the B2C markets and there is a whole hurl of things going on.

While you must be willing to hire someone to do digital marketing for your business, we are sure that you don’t have a complete idea what SEO services would do to your business. Apart from what your digital marketing expert you just hired told you like “It helps you rank up on google”, there are a lot more benefits of doing SEO. It can be confirmed by statistics generated in a survey that estimate 94% follow practice of searching any brand online before making purchase or closing a deal, so you can yourself make out of the gravity of the situation.

B2B market too is today adopting to the new age SEO trends and practices. Trust us, you current success in the market can only be equal scratching the surface if you have not started investing in improving your online presence. So, enough of prologue, let’s get started with the facts: 

Things you need to know for definite:

  • Global e-commerce market will account for about 17.5% of retail sales.
  • This is just double of retail sales that has been made in 2015.
  • 74% of mobile searches result in store visit at a local store, or shop.

These statistics are enough to confirm how much important it is to market your business on online platforms. Using mobile and other internet services you can effectively enhance a user’s shopping experience and start selling your products right away without largely spending on finding place for a physical store.


Ignoring digital marketplace in the year 2019 can be a huge loss, by reaching potential buyer on platform mobile, tablet or any other platform you are building a virtual bridge to reach the untapped markets and also a way to customer relations. Digital marketing is your first step towards growing business.

Importance of using SEO

At Foxtraut Software Technologies, we provide various tools and result oriented seo services in Delhi NCR that are planned according to the current market need, and here is what we think are important aspects of SEO that you can be utilized in your business and are essential to understand for today markets-

Keyword optimization

Keywords are essential in SEO helping to target audience. Use of keywords and placing them your content will increase your rank. Using semantic terms along with keyword increases quality of web-page and is today’s basic need for SEO.

Organization and Construction of Site
Organizing the content of your website is very important. It is very helpful in engaging users, easy navigation between pages and create better user experience. Your SEO score also depends on the loading time, try to make it make a site that has lower load time.

Site errors

Site errors hamper user experience and hence need to be fixed, as they negatively impact your SEO. You can ask us to do your SEO audit which will tell us about the errors and other things that are pulling your website back for the ranking.

Benefits of choosing SEO service-

You can enjoy the following benefits with SEO service-

  • Brand building
  • Better positions on the SERP
  • More traffic
  • Higher percentage of traffic becoming leads
  • Business growth outside of geographic boundaries
  • Greater understanding of what customers want to see
  • Reduced cost of placing PPC advertisements.