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12 Out-of-the-Box Storage Ideas to Keep Your Tiny Toronto Condo Kitchen Organized

If you are looking for Toronto condos for sale under $250k, let me give you a small warning. Be prepared to meet tiny kitchens. If you are thinking of moving in with boxes full of kitchen Paraphernalia, you are really going to be pressed for space. Keeping a tiny kitchen uncluttered, without compromising on your love for those lovely kitchen utensils, can be a tough nut to crack. However, we have scoured the internet to look up ingenious tips to keep your kitchen neat and organized. From clever storage hacks to amazing cabinetry solutions, here are 12 kitchen storage ideas to try:

1. Hang A Pegboard

Why leave those valuable walls bare when they have more potential than you think? Think of all your pans, spice racks, and even cannisters that can be used to store cutlery. Go beyond those simple limiting shelves that occupy more space, and instead hang on a Pegboard. A pegboard can do wonders for your storage problems and can be expanded everytime you need more items to hang.

2. Use The Tops Of Your Cabinets

A lot of people never pay attention to the tops of their cabinets. These are the spaces that offer prime real estate for storage. Climb on a kitchen stool and stash all those extra pantry supplies, special occasion serving platters, and anything else you need occasionally, all the way up there where no one can see them.

3. Hang Things Over The Stove

The empty space over your kitchen is another neglected spot that can add some storage to your snug condo kitchen. If your stove doesn’t have a hood, you can put that wall space to good use. Simply hang a shelf or a pot rail and you will have more space for your larger cookware and utensils.

4. Turn One Shelf Into Two

If you have got more vertical storage room, you can use wire shelf risers to convert it into multiple storage spaces. Especially if you have a habit of hoarding bowls, dishes, and mugs, it will give you more room to store your dishware, without cluttering up your kitchen. Similarly, you can add drawers to deep cabinets to have more space to store all your table linen, such as table runners, cloth napkins, table placements, and all other paraphernalia in durable plastic pins. Since they pull out easily, you will never have to dig around endlessly.

5. Use Forgotten Spaces

No matter how tiny your kitchen is, it must have a lot of hidden, neglected space that can be leveraged, such as the sides of your lower cabinets. These work great for hanging all those clunky, hefty items that are hard to store, such as cutting boards and colanders.

6. Hang A Magnetic Knife Rack

With most Toronto lofts offering such a scarce counter space, every inch counts. This is where a magnetic knife strip can help you squeeze out just a littler more room by allowing you to hang your cutlery on the walls. If you put on your creating hat, you really don’t need a huge kitchen to stay organized.

7. Use Your Windows As Storage

People hardly consider windows as storage spaces, but a lot of toronto lofts are proving otherwise. Why not go bold and hang all your pots and pans right in front of the kitchen window. It really helps if you have a uniform collection, possibly with vibrantly hued handles, to turn it into a lovely focal point.

8. Downsize Your Furniture

Your furniture should ideally match the dimensions of your small kitchen. For instance, switch to a smaller breakfast table or more compact bar stools. A full, round table occupies a lot of space which can reduce leg room in your kitchen. A smaller, half-moon table not only saves space, it functions just as well. Simply put the straight side against the wall and you are good to go.

9. Use Your Cabinet Doors

No need to cram your frequently used kitchen utensils, such as cooking spoons, measuring cups, and cutters, in already congested drawers when they can be hanged on the back of a cabinet door.

10. Maximize Your Cabinets

You can alter your cabinets to turn them into customizable pantries. Pull-out racks and drawers allow you to store all of your pantry items into one location.

11. Food Container Drawer Organizer

Can you relate to the exasperation one feels when you can’t find the correct lids for your Tupperware? To ensure a smooth, hassle-free post-dinner cleanup, you can find an upright pan rack that fits right into your drawer, to store all your containers and lids. Never dig around for matching lids again.

12. Under-the-sink Pocket Organizers

Instead of using the entire cabinet under the sink to cram your cleaning supplies, you can invest in an over the door pocket organizer and hang it on the other side of the cabinet door, many toronto lofts have similar design patterns. Try to store most of your cleaning products in those pockets, leaving the cabinet free to store other things.