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5 Amazing Tools for Creating Awesome Animations

Today, we have come to a point where the technology has drastically emerged. Back in the past when we used to rely on people or a team of many people to perform the everyday tasks like, creating videos, editing video, making animation and editing them, creating songs and much more! Unlike the old days, we now have so many ways to make our lives and the everyday tasks very easy!

Thanks to experts and developers who come up with new advancements every day; our internet has provided us with ultimate solutions.

Importance of tools for animations

Tools are simple mechanism that simplify our tasks or get our tasks completed with less man force and less time! Back in the old times, animations were a very hectic task to perform. Cartoons were made with the hundreds and thousands of synchronized cartoons, which were hand drawn by brilliant artists. Not only this, but also the production, editing and sound editing was even longer and tiring process. Therefore, experts came up with the different apps and tools to make such tiring tasks easy.

It is not necessary for any animator to use tools, but using the tools can assure timely delivery of tasks by saving time and effort that people put into creating it in the traditional ways. Tools can provide you with various features, such as:

1.    Turning regular videos into animation
2.    Directly record sounds to the animations
3.    Edit the frames
4.    Edit the layer
5.    Add more object or characters
6.    Enhance and edit the overall looks

The features of the tools will be quite uncountable when you start using them. However this was just to you an insight of the basic features but when it comes to animations there are a thousand things that need the animator’s attention!

Tool to Use for Animations

If you are a new animator and looking out for the best tools online to help you edit and create animations, here is a complete guide to help you with it.


An animation platform that comprises a variety of unique features such as

1.    Video styles
2.    Templates
3.    2D animation creation
4.    Layered animation creation
5.    Animated typography creation
6.    Animated infographics creation
7.    Animated whiteboards creation
8.    Various props
9.    Backgrounds
10.    Options to upload your preferred videos, images, effects and sounds

It offer 2 months of free use for the newcomers and the paid plan starts at $12 per month.


It allows the users to make:

1.    Explainer videos
2.    Presentations
3.    Advertising videos

It comprises over 175 million video clips, sound files and animated objects to choose for your exclusively customized animation.

The price plan for this tool starts from 24.92$ per month and does not have a free version.


This is a tools equipped with various features. It allows you to create your specifically customized videos very easily and conveniently. It has a full-fledge library of various templates, sounds, props, images, objects and much more that you can easily select and use in your animation. It also allows the users to:

1.    Use their own sounds, images or clips from their devices
2.    Use their own voice as the voice over for the animation
3.    Use video branding features

It features automatic lip-syncing for the characters and has up to date character and object animations for the users to create basic animations.


A very user-friendly tool allows the users to:

1.    create intuitive animations and engaging animation videos
2.    use a storyboard creator for the animation
3.    use readymade templates from a wide variety

It has many other feature that a person can discover when the tools is used!

The price plan for this tool starts from 19$ per month.


This is a tool, which somehow takes the users into the past as it allows the users to create animations as well as the hand drawn animations. A very user-friendly tool lets the users draw pictures and text by hand but in a sequence and on a computer-generated whiteboard. The different creation process of the animations, where you combine the art with technology and combine the hand drawn scriptures with the advanced effects of animation; provides the animation a unique and engaging visual effect. It also allows you to add the music from your gallery or import it from any other platform.

The price plan of this app starts from 29$ per month.

Many other tools, which an animator can use to add numerous special effects to the animations, are available online or in app stores that are accessible for every user. In addition, the people who do not find these tools or apps accessible, or are unaware of things and technology can use other significant ways. They can opt for some professional animation services, available near them if they still want to get an animation created for their business or advertising purposes, to achieve their goals of business, through animations as they benefit the businesses in a huge way!