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Hyperbaric Sleep Chamber: What It Is and How It Works?

Recently, hyperbaric therapy has become very popular among medical professionals, patients, as well as their guardians and caregivers. More and more people are becoming aware of the restorative properties of hyperbaric medicine and are opting to use it as an adjunctive treatment option, along with more mainstream medical care.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a form of alternative medicine that makes use of the restorative power of oxygen to help patients recover and thrive. This oxygen is delivered to patients during a hyperbaric session through a device known as the hyperbaric sleep chamber. This chamber is essentially a sealed vessel containing a mattress, a medicine cabinet, and a transparent glass window.

How Does the Hyperbaric Sleep Chamber Work?

Also known as a recompression chamber, the hyperbaric sleep chamber is a sealed vessel with a high-pressure environment in its interiors. In order for a hyperbaric therapy session to begin, the patient must enter this chamber for a period of sixty to ninety minutes. The exact duration of a session might vary, depending on the type of treatment required and the severity of the symptoms.

Inside the sealed chamber, absolutely pure oxygen is delivered to the patient at heightened levels of atmospheric pressure. The air pressure, which can often be 2 to 4 times higher than normal pressure at sea level, allows the excess oxygen to dissolve quickly into the bodily fluids of the patient.

The plasma and the cerebrospinal fluid can then carry the oxygen to various parts of the body and the brain, including those organs that had thus far been deprived of sufficient oxygen due to damaged blood vessels or other biological obstructions. The excess oxygen facilitates angiogenesis and stem cell regeneration while minimizing the risk of hypoxia and inflammation.

Oxygen is also known to boost the immune system, which enables the body to prevent any escalation of pre-existing health issues. All of these factors together help speed up the process of recovery and minimize the severity of any adverse symptoms. And it all happens while the patient takes a nap inside the hyperbaric sleep chamber, relaxed and unencumbered.

Upon entering the hyperbaric sleep chamber, the patient can lie down on the mattress and take a nap or read a book. Alternatively, they can also watch television through the sealed, clear-glass window. A hyperbaric expert or medical professional will be present at all times to monitor the progress of the HBOT session. This supervision is undertaken through the transparent window, which allows the supervisor to check in on the patient without interrupting the session.

Types of Hyperbaric Sleep Chamber

Hyperbaric sleep chambers can be designed for several different purposes. Hence, there are a few different types of HBOT chambers available in the market. The most common varieties are known as the monoplace and the multiplace chamber. Portable hyperbaric chambers are also available for purchase.

A monoplace hyperbaric chamber can only be used by a single person at a time. Only one person can get hyperbaric treatment in this chamber during a single session, as it is not big enough to accommodate more than one person at a time. These chambers are commonly found in residential areas and small clinics. Patients who need long-term hyperbaric treatment and who find it hard to leave the house often install a monoplace chamber at home for the sake of convenience.

A multiplace chamber is one that can be used by multiple people at the same time. This type of hyperbaric sleep chamber is commonly found in large hospitals and dedicated hyperbaric clinics. Multiplace chambers are quite expensive, which is why they are almost exclusively found in commercial settings. However, they are known for being incredibly effective and efficient, which is why they are favored by reputed  medical institutions.

A portable hyperbaric chamber is the lightest and most minimalistic of all available options. These are typically used by athletes and performers who need regular hyperbaric treatment for sporting injuries, anti-aging therapies, etc. A portable chamber can be carried from one place to another while the performer or athlete is on tour, which allows them to undertake hyperbaric sessions at their own convenience, without compromising their career goals.

What Conditions can be Treated with Hyperbaric Therapy?

In recent years, hyperbaric sleep chambers have been used for treating a variety of ailments, injuries, and conditions. Athletic injuries such as ligament tears, muscle pulls, and twisted ankles can be treated with the help of hyperbaric medicine. HBOT has also been prescribed for traumatic brain injuries and post traumatic stress disorder, which can often affect veterans who have returned from active duty in war-torn areas.

Neurodevelopmental disorders such as cerebral palsy and autism can also be treated with hyperbaric medicine, in conjunction with traditional treatment methodologies. Apart from that, gas gangrene, diabetic foot ulcers, carbon monoxide poisoning, decompression sickness, chronic wounds, radiation damage, and severe anemia are some of the other conditions that are commonly treated with HBOT.


Hyperbaric therapy is an effective and non-invasive treatment option that is being sought out by patients and physicians around the world. However, for the best results, one should only use a hyperbaric sleep chamber manufactured by a trusted company or reputed brand. This will ensure that patients receive only the highest quality treatment that money can buy, facilitated by state-of-the-art medical technology.