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Five Easy Tips For Decorating Your Kitchen

Do you keep on checking design magazines for the latest kitchen decorations, but don’t have enough time for its renovations.

Decorating your kitchen
Image source: canva.com

We see things naturally at eye level first, so decorating your kitchen walls is one of the noticeable changes you can make. Most efforts are put on buying fancy appliances, kitchen gadgets, and counterparts ignoring kitchen walls.

Gather a collection of photos from kitchen style books, magazines and brochures. Make a list of your likes and dislikes decorations. By mixing a lot of designs try to craft yourstyle.

Kitchen is the place where we do a substantial amount of work starting from the meal preparations, hanging out with friends, planning, decisions making.

If you are dealing with compact kitchens, try different d├ęcor ideas to enhance the space inside the kitchen. The small kitchen is more efficient and sufficient than larger kitchens.

All that you need is well organized, beautiful and functional kitchen which suits your lifestyle and taste.

There is a saying from Louis Parrish that- If you can organize your kitchen, you can organize your life.

Read the article till the end to learn and implement a few easy tips for decorating your kitchen.

Here Are Some Simple Steps To Decorate Your Kitchen

1. Select The Colour First

The least expensive to decorate your kitchen is by changing the wall colour. Choosing good colours don’t happen by accident, it involves proper research. It is usually the combination of personal taste and trend going on in the market.

Before choosing the colour, you have to keep in mind the colour that doesn’t change like countertops or cabinets colour. So choose the colour that complements with the colour of your cabinets.

Tips of Decorating your Colour kitchen

If you have a wall with a lot of space then you can go bold over there and use bright colours. This pop-up colour gives a modern look to the kitchen and breaks the colour with extra shelving for keeping treasured items.

Always prefer a light colour for the ceiling as it reflects the sunlight and lightens up the room naturally. Use darker colours for flooring but shouldn’t be too colourful or patterned.

2. Create A Focal Point

Just recall from your experience that when you first visited someone’s house and you notice something eye-catching, bold and unique craft on the wall.

Usually,the kitchen has family photographs, a collection of antique plates, coloured candlesticks. Arrange them on open shelves, the better the items relate to one another, the more attractive they tend to look.

Always paint the focal point with the bold shady colour. On the focal point, hang a large piece of attractive art. Use textured, patterned wallpaper to enhance their visual appearance.

Don’t think too much while making up your focal wall, it can create confusion and you may end up messing with it.

3. Open Shelving- The Latest Trend

There were days when designing your kitchen simply meant for replacing the shelves with cabinets and creating smart storage for kitchen gadgets.

Now the trend has changed, many are preferring open shelves over less important cabinets. This lightens the kitchen by creating a visual space and you have to hide all the mismatched glasses and Tupperware in closed cabinets.

open shelves kitchen

With open shelves, you can showcase your gold/copper accents. it gives you a feeling of cooking in a commercial kitchen.

Best way to enhance your kitchen’s look is by mixing black open shelving with the white cookery. If you feel the kitchen is bit plain, then try keeping traditional pretty crockeries.

4. Use Chalkboard Paint On Your Wall

Blackboard is bold and eye-catching which is a perfect place for drawing different chalk arts. It is inexpensive and does not include any fancy stuff.

If you don’t have space for blackboard instead use cabinet surfaces to display chalk arts. A gallery wall collection can add a unique look to your kitchen walls.

There are many chalk arts on the internet, choose one that works best and suits your overall theme.  These walls can make small spaces feel bigger and can be love at first sight for many.

Some may feel daunting by seeing at the chalkboard paint covering the entire wall. You can write dishes menu which can be delighting for foodies.

5. Create Smart Kitchen

Follow a common pattern and colour scheme before buying any smart appliances. If the colour of your cabinets is light, then prefer buying stainless steel appliances to match the colour combinations.

Creating a smart kitchen can save both space and enhance the overall kitchen. We generally keep teacups in a separate drawer which consumes a lot of space.
Use cup and sauce organizer to store cup saucers at one place. Nowadays you can find built-in cameras in the smart oven to check the status of what you are cooking.

Smart fridges are nothing but connected devices. They have built-in voice assistant for playing music, order vegetables from the nearby grocery shop. Decorating trends have changed vastly with the emergence of smart appliances