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How to Start A Small Business During This COVID-19 Outbreak

Almost the whole world has shut down because of this virus named “Covid-19” and this is a serious threat to the economy. People have lost their businesses because of the lockdown and so they fired their employees. A huge crisis has fallen on the Earth and it’s taking everything down. Now that everyone is stuck at home with less or no income sources left, we have to look for a way that works and helps us earn some money to live a good life. It’s obvious that I’m talking about starting a new business of your own but how is that supposed to work? 

Small Business During This COVID-19 Outbreak

It’s all about “business plan” and this is what I’m going to talk to you guys about. You need to make a business plan with strategies that will work even during this Covid-19 pandemic. So are you ready to learn how you can successfully start a business during this period? Great, here we go!

●    So… What’s The Idea?

Yep, this is the most important thing to do. I know I know, it’s too obvious to talk about but hey, it’s the very first step towards your own small business at home. You must think of an idea first about what you’re about to offer in your business. Is it going to be a product or a service? And which products or services are you going to offer? Think about this and then we can head towards the second step


You can start

  1. Selling customized or hand-made t-shirts
  2. Handmade photo frames
  3. Digital marketing services
  4. Dropshipping

●    Assess Your Skills

Of course, when you think of doing something, you evaluate yourself whether you can do it or not. You have to sit and think about your skills. List down your best competencies and then choose one from them. This will help you decide which type of business will be the best and easiest for you. You wouldn’t want to step into something you don’t have the knowledge of because this will be a huge failure!

●    Determine Your Target Audience

Let’s say that you’ve started your business and you have everything ready to sell.  But you don’t have people to sell your products or services to. Or, you just don’t know what kind of people will be interested in your service. Basically, you wouldn’t know who you should target your business to. This is how important picking the target market is. You have to sit down with a paper, a pen, and a laptop with the internet so you could get help globally about setting your target audience and then write down your own conclusions.

●    See What Others Are Doing

If you start your own t-shirt business, do you think that it’s a unique idea? No! There are thousands of brands that are doing this. And you have to see what they are doing to get their business running like crazy. Take a look at their campaigns, posts, graphics, content, websites, etc. By doing so, you’ll get the idea of what you should do to make your way through your competitors. Make sure that you have something unique to offer in your business so people could have a reason to prefer your brand over others.
●    How About A Test Drive?

This is important! You can’t pay the full amount of the car and take it home without testing it completely, is that so? Before launching your business confidently, you should test it first whether it’s going to work or not. For that, you will have to have some feedbacks from people about your products and services. So make sure that you do proper marketing and during that, mention that you’re selling your products or services with a discount in return for an honest feedback. This will make people engage with your business more often and you will have feedbacks to help you bring betterment to it.
●    Decide Your Budget

Did you notice that none of these points doesn’t require you to go out in that pandemic? That’s right, everything can happen while you’re at home. And setting up the budget of your business is totally something you can do right now while relaxing yourself. Make sure that you know and decide how much money would you want to spend on your startup. After that, you will have to make an Excel sheet on financial projections. This sheet will tell you the financial plan of a chosen time-period and help you assess how your business is going so far accordingly.

●    Market!!!

Once you’ve set up everything, then is the time you’d want to start promoting your business so people could start to know you. You can create a social media page or profile under the name of your brand and create a website as well. You can get awesome website templates from the internet as well that you can use. Make sure that you know how to put ads on social media and increase your website traffic. You can research on this and you will definitely learn and succeed.
●    Get Your Packaging Ready (For Products)

As you will get to the point where you start getting orders from your customers, you will need to deliver the products to their doorsteps. For this, you must get high-quality for your small business product packaging. Why? Would you like to hand over the actual product without any sort of packaging? These boxes are necessary because they will protect your products, give them a much attractive look, and market your business further. There’s this professional firm of packaging named Dawn Printing that can get you some quality boxes. And make sure to hire a delivery/courier service so you just sit at home while you make sales!


It’s a bit tricky to start and maintain a business at home but if you’re dedicated and patient enough, you WILL succeed. Just make sure that you give it enough time on a daily basis so it would be fruitful for you. Instead of letting this Covid-19 pandemic ruin your life, find a way to get past this by starting your own small business right from your home where you’re completely safe. Good luck!