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An Advanced Guide to Kidney Transplantation Cost In India

Kidney Transplantation is another surgical organ transplantation. It is done for a person undergoing through end-stage renal disease. There are certain conditions which are diagnosed and checked before the person undergoes a liver transplant surgery. There are many people who are not being able to get the kidney transplant done because of their health condition, kidney transplant cost, and some other factors. But in India, there are many hospitals who provide the Kidney Transplant Surgery facility at a very low price.

Who can be a donor for Kidney Transplantation?

The kidney for the Kidney Transplantation can be taken from two types of donors. They are:

Living Donor –
In this case, the close family members, spouse or other relatives, can donate their one kidney to the recipient. As the work of two kidneys is then performed by one kidney. But donor also must undergo certain medical check-ups.

Deceased Donor – In this case, the dead person’s kidney is obtained for the transplant. A person who died because of stroke, heart attack, or in an accident, his/her kidney is obtained.

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Some facts about Kidney Transplantation

Let’s know some facts related to Kidney Transplant Surgery.
  • After the Kidney Transplantation Surgery, the recipient and the donor both can get back to their normal life routine after a few months.
  • The success rate for the living donor transplants is around 90 to 95 percent for the first year.
  • The success rate for the deceased donor transplants is around 85 to 90 percent for the first year.
  • On an average, the transplanted kidney’s lifespan is around 12 years to 15 years.

Kidney Transplantation Surgery Overall Cost

With the best facilities available in India for the Kidney Transplantation Surgery at lower cost, it attracts people from foreign countries also. Many people from other countries visit India to get the Kidney Transplant done because of the low cost in comparison to other developed nations. On an average, the Kidney Transplant Surgery starts in India from around USD 13,000, which is quite low. The cost for Kidney Transplant is US goes up to USD 4,00,000. The cost of Kidney Transplant also varies depending on the advanced technologies being used, the infrastructure of the hospital, type of surgery, etc.

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Side effects related to Kidney Transplant

Kidney Transplant can have different side effects too. But with the help of the doctor, they can be handled. The reason behind these side effects is also the immunosuppressant given by doctors to suppress the immune system. So that it doesn’t reject the new kidney after the transplant. Side effects are:

• More risk of getting infected
• Abdominal cramps, bleeding and swelling
• Anaemia
• Hair Fall or Hair Growth in excess
• Arthritis
• Weight Gain

Hospitals for Kidney Transplant in India

To find a good Kidney Transplant Hospital in India, you will have to look at certain factors. First of all, know that which type of Kidney Transplant you have to undergo. Then, in which hospital there are the best surgeons for that Kidney Transplant surgery. Success Rate of Kidney Transplants done in that particular hospital and by that surgeon. Technologies used for Liver Transplant Surgery in that hospital. Also, the total cost for the Kidney Transplant in that hospital.