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An Unconventional Guide to The Top CBSE Boarding School in Dehradun

School is a temple of learning having a didactic environment. Boarding schools are those where students reside leaving their home behind and not like day schools. It is not some modern invention or some fancy thing of the 21st century. Its idea was implemented long before they were born. It is interesting to know that some of the Gods they worship were also the students of boarding school.

The need for a boarding school

In today's time, a top cbse boarding school in dehradun has a very crucial part to play. With a growing population there are emerging myriad of dilemma associated with families. Many times, they are struck by a thought that why someone needs to send their child to a boarding school. So, let them pick out some grains from a bag full of it.
  • There are some villages, cities, outskirts of cities etc. where proper schooling is not available.
  • Sometimes parents are so much busy with the gruelling work that they don't have enough time for their children.
  • Some parents also think that their child will get a better learning environment and have good personal development.
  • There are situations where family or neighbourhood environment is not correct for the child to get adequate ethics.
  • In some rare cases, parents abhor their child due to his/her inabilities.

Why Should A Person Never Take An Educational Decision In a Hurry?

Everyone should be very careful while choosing a school for their children as it is a matter of their golden years. One should consider some points before choosing to avoid fatuous mistakes.
  • “Building here and hostels there,
leaving sweet home is not fair”.

The infrastructure of the school should be good as it will be a second home for your child. The hostels and their bathrooms should be well maintained. There should be a proper playground, badminton court, basketball court, laboratories, etc.
  • "Go and eat the food of the mess,
trust your chefs and leave the rest”.

It is very important to check the quality of the food served in the mess as the health of the child is far more precious than anything else.
  • “Fear the principal and teacher’s fire,
and you should worry much about your behaviour and attire”.

One should check the teaching quality and the level of strictness. Strictness to a certain level is necessary for obstinate children but too much of it is not good. To impart better knowledge teachers should maintain an amicable relationship with children.

Pros and Cons of Boarding Schools

"It takes time for the agony to abate
stay strong, sometimes you can’t change your fate”.

Children might become abject as it is very difficult for them to leave their family and live in an entirely new place and account in school but they are cajoled to do so. At their age, they need their family's love and affection. At the same time, they also get to learn a lot, make friends and blithely play with them. It is very good for their personality development. They also become provident to face the real world filled with hypocrites and terrors.

It is highly recommended that guardians of children should scrutinise before taking any decisions related to the future of their child. The world is like a recipe and they are its ingredients and the dead ones are replaced by the new born so it is their responsibility to guide the new ones on their path of achieving brilliance. Hence it is important that you choose the best boarding school for girls in dehradun.