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How to Get Prepared Before Your Vacation to India from UK

Before boarding your flight or ship to travel to India, you must take some preparation for the vacation or trip ahead. Let us discuss some relevant topics in the following paragraphs to make your upcoming India trip more organized and less stressed out.

Finalise the places of visit

Unlike most of the European nations, India is a vast country. It is better to finalise the list of places you want to cover in the country even before your tourist visa for India is granted. The country is so varied and large that you are likely to feel confused about the places you want to see once you reach there. Or like the large number of your fellow British travelers, you can fly out to the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi and explore Rajasthan, the mountains of Himachal, the Terai region and Varanasi before returning home. But we bet India is far more fascinating, has much more to offer within her folds.

Choose your dates smartly

India is a hot and humid tropical country. But thankfully, the weather there changes dramatically. The best time to roam about the streets, jungles, mountains and desert of the country is between October and February. However, if your destination is the Spiti valley, Ladakh, Leh, the Changu Lake or the Nathu La it’s better to wait for the weather to heat up a little. Else the bitter chill won’t give you a very pleasant sensation.

Decide whether you want a guided tour

The majority of travelers avoid guided tours for visiting standard tourist destinations and the reason is pretty obvious. On the other hand, the craze for experimental explorations is steadily rising among tourists visiting India. These tours expose you more to the real India and her culture and society. There’s a hell lot of adventure and fun in getting off the track and traveling on your own. But finally it’s your decision and you have to take the call.

The option of hiring a car and driver

Self-drive cars on rent are pretty uncommon in India. If you want to travel across the country independently and at your own pace, hire a car and driver from local car rentals. Professionals working in agencies that deal in India tourist visas are of the opinion this is the best possible way to enjoy cool, comfortable trips within India for any foreign tourist. Although traveling across a foreign land with a stranger in the driving seat may initially be difficult. But once you get used to it, you’ll travel with more safety and greater ease.

Arrange domestic flights and trains

Making advanced transport reservations compel people to stick to fixed plans and avoid any flexibility. This kind of rigidity is not welcome during vacation tours. But when you’re in India it is important to remember that the country has a huge population. Passengers on Indian Railways easily outnumber that on UK trains. In short, to secure reservations in Indian Railways one has to book months in advance. Foreign tourists do have a special quota but that is applicable only to a handful number of rains. Contrastingly advanced domestic flight reservations is not necessary unless you want to enjoy discounts the airlines offer.

Ensure your lodgings

When you straightaway walk into a hotel, you get better deals than booking your accommodation in advance online. Moreover, standing on the spot in person also gives you the chance to negotiate further with the hotel desk employee and bring the rate further down.  But you should book your accommodation in advance at the major Indian cities and particularly the national capital Delhi. International flights usually arrive at dead of night and it’s not easy to go searching for accommodation in an unfamiliar city, in a disoriented state.

It is relevant mentioning in this context that world-class backpacker hostels are steadily coming up all over India. You can avail this range of accommodation if you want to avoid plush hotels and resorts.

Get your visa medicines on time

Health hazards in India are much higher and thus, health is a major point of concern for foreigners going to the country. Visit your doctor at least 3 weeks before your date of journey for visa medicine courses.

Get your visa on time

UK citizens require visa issued by the Indian authorities to enter into and travel across India. Get your visa on time so that your entire trip is comfortable and hassle-free. Visa Genie is the best bet for tourists across the UK to get their India visas within the earliest possible time. This reliable visa agency is located in London and enjoys a 9.9 rating out of 10 by its clients.